Sunday, 10 February 2013

Strictly U.K.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
Strictly Biz dun did it again.
We are back with our first live session of 2013.
Damn straight we put on some uberdope shows last year, but we might have slightly neglected the UK heads.
No more.
We have a super sweet line up for all you Brit boom bappers this time around.

Headlining we have a bit of a UK legend. It's the man Skitz with Profit.
When this boy hits the stage the place gets torn apart, plus this is the LP debut, so best believe this is gonna be mad large.
Then, from the (original) home of Strictly Business we have the fantastic Chrome & Illinspired.
These guys are East coast phenoms, dope rhymes & chunky beatage.
Also representing the East coast we have the mighty D.P.F.
Dude has been making his presence felt in a big way recently, taking out all suckers.
210 will also be in the house, and the whole event will be hosted by homeboy David J.
And last, but certainly not least, from the Strictly Business famalam we have my boys DJ EveR & Sonny Delight.
Plus the Read & Weep crew will be making thing look pretty.

Once again, this huge night will be at the Silver Bullet - Finsbury Park.
It's on Friday Feb 22nd, get your tickets here. Only £6 if you book in advance, you can't go wrong.

Go here for the event page on Facebook.
And while you're there, go here for the new [STRICTLY BUSINESS] page.

OK, now for a little taster of what to expect, here you can have a listen to our last two shows -

Lords Of The Underground -

Jeru The Damaja -

As i've said before, the venue is incredibly easy to find, it's directly opposite to Finsbury Park tube station.
It's a dope line up at a bargain price, don't be a sissy sucker, get your tickets now.

"Flip & Twist The Words Like My Lungs Are Double Jointed"