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Strictly Beatbox - Volume 1

"As we go a little something like this"

Greetings once again people, you appear to have caught us at a pretty good time here at Strictly Business. Have we got a treat for all you B-boys & B-girls ?
No !!
We've got 3 actually !!!
Plus an extra bonus !!!!
Without wanting to brag too much and shit, in my opinion this has got to be one of the finest hip hop compilations ever put together, 85 (so far) ridiculously fat joints from the '84 to '89 era all containing the artform we know as the holy human beatbox.
The golden rules here are no live recordings and nothing from radio shows, these volumes of Strictly Beatbox only contain joints released either on vinyl 12" or LP. All that other stuff is going to appear in later volumes of this ongoing series.

This is a rejiggled post from a while back, as soon as I originally put it up I started to remember joint after joint that I didn't think to include, so what you have here are all the tracks from the original post, plus a whole load more for all you lucky beatbox freaks.

This being Strictly Business, you should already know that we gorn like ta kick dis arf wid sum o'dat ol' ignunt sheet up in heyre, so Just Ice with DMX (not the shouty wack one) gets romantic with the impressively titled "That Girl Is A Slut", classic misogynistic material full of memorably offensive rhymes, plus the all important beatboxing from the boy DMX.
KRS & D-Nice give lonely men some handy advice on the original "The P Is Free", which probably embarresses Kris these days, but Scott La Rock would probably be cool with it, he was a 'Super Hoe' you see.
Mikey D & Rahzel (on his debut recording) add another statement to the 'ladies + beatbox = good' equation with the classic "Dawn", Mikey was always lovely on the mic and Rahzel was already spitting out massive beats, they both kill it on this classic joint.
MC Mitchski & M.B. are getting freaky with the fishy "Freeda", Mitchski says that Freeda smells like doo-doo so he wouldn't even have it off with her if she paid him, even though she's just gobbled him off. Hmmmmm, whatever you reckon Mitch, nice song anyways, with the all important man known as 'The Human Radio' rocking the beatbox.
Then we have the Bad Boys with K Love & the Glamour Girls with Craig G who are apparently catching dick tumours & aids from "Veronica" (who unfortunately turns out to be a geezer as well as a skeezer). Two classic joints about the alleged ladyboy Veronica and her\his fruity adventures, neither of which have a happy ending unfortunately, nevermind, at least we all learned a valuable lesson, sort of. Top shelf stuff.

The DBL Crew's J-Fresh absolutely busts it On "Bust It", this joint is the bollocks brah, DBL are just one of so many incredible groups that only ever released one or two 12"s, I can listen to this shit 20 times in a row and not get bored with it, but then I am a hip hop nerd, and that's what hip hop nerds do, Whut ! Seriously though, it really is extra excellent.
The "Only Twelve Years Old And That's No Lie" O'Lori Rock-Ski busts a beat on Witchdoctor's top quality "Bust The Beat O Lori", using the tried & tested formula of 'beatbox + rhymes + a bit of scratching + that'll probably do actually', the crew kick some def rhymes over the aforementioned O'Lori Rock's beats, nice work.
Strictly Business favourite Funkmaster Wizard Wiz & his boy Nubox drop an absolute killer on us with the super dope "The Amazing Nubox", which has got everything you could ever require from a beatbox joint, and Wiz says really stupid shit like he always does, proper classic track.
Then the great Cutmaster DC let's his crew rock the rhymes, while he rocks the box on the superduper dope "We Came To Rock", which is as proper as proper gets. Absolutely top quality stuff, plus you gotsta respect the whole Deejaying\Rhyming\Beatboxing\Washing up\e.t.c thing, Three turntables, what next D.C.? two microphones\three lips\six sinks\e.t.c.?
Sorry. What a tune though, absolutely another Strictly Beatbox classic.

As far as the generally regarded holy trinity of beatboxers goes, we got Biz kicking chunky bass beats on the R.O.X.A.N.N.E's "Freestyle Live", which is easily as good as the pair's similar sounding but far more well known "Def Fresh Crew".
The Fat Boys' late great (big) Buffy kicking some gigantic beats on the self titled "Human Beatbox" (parts 1, 2 & 3), all of which are just totally fucking awesome, the hypest of rhymes combined with fridges full of beatboxing, that's three of the greatest beatbox joints of all time in one fat package, eat 'em up.
The legendary Sir Douglas of Freshshire makes two appearances here, rocking all kinds of niceness with the crowd hyping "Nuthin'", then with "The Original Human Beatbox", which has been a longtime favourite of mine and always will be. And no - You can't buy my 12" !, piss orf !!
Oh yeah - "Crowd Around Everybody, & Everybody Crowd Around". That's the shit right there people, tough beats with Doug doing his stuff at full pelt, a beatbox hall of famer.

Another Strictly Business favourite joint, the brilliantly named Kings Of Rapp with their human beatbox Jim and his "precious lips" give us the beast-tastic "Animal", which begins with the immortal words.... "This Is Fresh!" - and you best believe it is. This is noisy and very dope indeed, hilarious but hard back & forth rhyming about our furry friends, with heavy scratching and plenty o' beatboxing this track is as good as anything else on this whole compilation, it's true - it's true, I love that shit.
The Ultimate Choice's Finesse & The Bass Box get cold physical on the short but sweet "How I'm Livin'", well, this is also very dope, again nothing but good stuff to say about this tune, my only criticism would be that it ends too soon.
The Great Disco P gives us actual boom baps, as well as Public Enemy & Art Of Noise beats on Orangeman's definitely def "The Orange Is Back", as pure as it gets, nothing but rhymes and beatboxing on this one, Orange & Disco rock it lovely while a poor quality 'live crowd sound' loops away in the background.
Then we have The Brothers a.k.a. Akeim & Narkim making their first appearance here with their gigantic "Memories". Damn this tune is good, stupidly catchy with hard beatboxing and smooth rhymes - nothing else needed. Much loved by those that know, and very highly rated indeed.

London Posse's greatly missed Sipho destroys it on the massive "My Beatbox Reggae Style", Maybe best appreciated live in the back of Westwood's ride in 'Bad Meaning Good' (a few posts down - watch it !). All the beats and rhymes roll along lovely together, and we get Sipho's contribution to the TV theme tunes section with his rendition of 'Dallas', i'm guessing that Eastenders probably wasn't on yet, and Coronation Street's time signiture must be a tricky fucker to beatbox, so what was the boy to do, anyway, Sipho was well wicked and is fondly remembered as a dope beatbox and a nice bloke, and the tune is double def, believe that.
'The Human Linn Drum' Ready Rock C is here on DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "My Buddy", nothing but good stuff to say about it, the trio definitely knew how to rock a party. Ready Rock is a beatbox king and this joint is a proper gem.

The 'Really Great' Incredible Sound Machine Greg Nice does 3 minutes of dope routines on T La Rock's "Three Minutes of Beatboxing". Superb stuff from the round headed wonder, all kinds of beats rocked for our listening pleasure that still sound fresher than 99 percent of everything else a quarter of a century later.
Then it's one of my top 5 favourite beatboxers of all time - Jockbox from the terriffic Skinny Boys, being dope as dope can be on the appropriately titled "Jockbox". Jock kicks fat beat after fat beat while the boys tell us how def he is, absolute classic from start to finish - "Is he nuts ? No ! He's Insane !!"

And the final track from this first volume of Strictly Beatbox is the incredible "RMG featuring Beat Box Squeaky G"
This jam is pretty much a showcase for Squeaky's amazing beatbox routines, but if any beatboxer ever deserved a showcase it had to be the phenomenal Squeaky G. Sheeeeeeet, Squeak pulls out obese beat after obese beat, versions of Just Buggin & Bite It, An uncanny Biz impression and even brings Popeye & Donald Duck into the mix !! Everything is crisp, clear & loud, the rhymes are dope, and Squeaky's performance is absolutely fucking incredible.
You may have noticed that i'm not being particularly critical of any of the tunes on this compilation, but the reason that they are all here is because they are all dope, so I really haven't got anything bad to say about any of them. However "RMG featuring Beat Box Squeaky G" is pretty much the most perfect human beatbox joint that I have ever heard, and it is one of my favourite pieces of music ever, regardless of genre. Word.

Right-O, that's volume one finished, but we've only just begun......
Keep it locked right here for part two of Strictly Beatbox.

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 1

Bad Boys featuring K Love - Veronica
Boogie Down Productions - The P Is Free
Cutmaster DC - We Came To Rock
DBL Crew - Bust It (Long Version)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - My Buddy
Doug E Fresh - The Original Human Beatbox
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Nuthin'
Fat Boys - Human Beat Box
Fat Boys - Human Beat Box pt 2
Fat Boys - Human Beat Box pt 3
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - The Amazing Nubox
Glamour Girls featuring MC Craig 'G' - Oh Veronica (Beat Box)
Just Ice - That Girl Is A Slut
Kings Of Rapp - Animal
London Posse - My Beatbox Reggae Style
MC Mitchski 'The Rappin' Comedian' & M.B. 'The Human Radio' - Freeda
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Dawn
Orangeman - The Orange Is Back
R.M.G. - R.M.G. featuring Beat Box Squeaky 'G'
Roxanne (Fly) Shanté - Freestyle Live
Skinny Boys - Jockbox
T La Rock - Three Minutes of Beat Box
The Brothers - Memories
The Ultimate Choice featuring Finesse & T.L.C - How I'm Livin'
Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs - Bust The Beat O'Lori

Password - defandstupid

Strictly Beatbox - Volume 2

"Brrrrrrrrrrrr - Stick 'Em !"

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the second volume of Strictly Beatbox, once again we have some gigantic joints for you, starting things off with the popular (25 years ago) 'Ignunt Human Beat Box Tracks About Ladies' genre.

The late great Eazy E (rest in grease) with Ron-De-Vu had a "Fat Girl" on his jock, which probably didn't do him a lot of good in the long run (sorry). Proper good tune though, & our boy Eazy is on fine form.
Microphone god Melle Mel & Bronx Style Bob hit us with dope nasty rhymes and another catchy singalong chorus while the amazing Emanon completely kills it with his astonishingly nice beatboxing on the "live" version of "Susie". Really though, Emanon is too dope for words, just play it - lots.
Then we have Fresh To Impress with their human beatbox A Train telling us another sad tale of a girl (also called Susie\Suzi, probably the same "lady" from Emanon's joint, i'm presuming that she gets around a bit) who looks "Fresh, Fresh, Fresh", but is unfortunately diseased. Another lovely joint from the 'Boston Goes Def' compilation, Suzi apparently gets shagged to death, but still continues to beatbox from beyond the grave.
What a girl !

The incredible Squeaky G makes his triumphant return to Strictly Beatbox on R.M.G.'s superb "Sam's A Man", believe it or not this is another human beatbox jam about a fly honey who turns out to be a bloke (which really doesn't suprise me anyway, although the name of the track is a bit of a giveaway). Of course Squeaky is megadope, the man is an absolute beatbox legend. Finest quality beats & rhymes, another classic !
The Fresh MC with Disco P on the beat box kick another fresh joint about "Girls", of course they do! Another fatty with several quality song renditions. Girls and beatbox, what else do you want ?!?
MC Mitchski returns with M.B. The Human Radio stirring it up with a lady (possibly Latoya's sister) called "Goya", which almost didn't make the ignunt\beatbox grade........... Until Mitchski pulls out his nob. Good for him.
And finally, Daddy O and human beat box legend Wise with their crew Stetsasonic tell us "A Little Story With An Added Surprise" (Really.....?), about a girl named "Faye" who... get this.... isn't a man & doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases (Fuck ! That actually was a surprise !!!).
Instead she has a nice meal with our heroes, happily lets them double team her, then sings them a little song. Aaaah, how refreshing.

D Nice returns to Strictly Beatbox with KRS on B.D.P.'s "Breath Control" (Anybody out there got a copy of the documentary 'Breath Control' they wanna send our way ?!?),
T La Rock and Greg En Eye Cee Eee seem to be "Having Fun" as they twat about for two minutes and keep saying "really great" until Gregory begs Terry to let him "rock one beat in chinese" and kicks 40 seconds of huge stupid kung fu beat box.
The immensely dope Jockbox from the (Strictly Biz fave) Skinny Boys, deliver us another winner with the huuuuuge "Get Funky".
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's buddy 'The Human Linn Drum' - Ready Rock C kicks his lovely underwater Sanford & Son theme on "Rock the House" (What the hell is it with beatboxers & Sanford & Son ? Any UK beatboxers out there busting off the Steptoe & Son theme ??).
Then DMX (like I said before, not the horrible constipated one) & Just Ice get busy on the wicked "The Original Gangster Of Hip Hop" The pair were a deadly combination and this track is 'Just Plain Terror !'

The holy trio are represented this time around with Buffy being obese with the beat box on the Fat Boy's classic (how many times have I said classic yet ?) "Stick 'Em", fuck it, i'll say it again.... The Fat Boy's CLASSIC "Stick 'Em", awesome track obviously, sampled by everyone & their nanna, dope hard rhyming and huge beats.
Doug E is here twice again, with Slick Rick on the timeless & hugely popular (and rightly so) La-Di-Da-Di, brilliant stuff which influenced a lot of other joints on this compilation, and solo on the beautifully titled and extra excellent "Bonus Lesson # 1", "Get Fresh Doug, And Do The Beatbox" - (in the words of Shakin' Stevens) - Lovely stuff !
The third of our heroic trio, the diabolical Biz Markie, also appears here twice, doing the 'Miaow Mix' bit with plenty of 'Booorph - Ha Ha' on the R.O.X.A.N.N.E's "Def Fresh Crew", and displaying his repertoire on the solo cut "A One, Two."
Altogether now - "I'm - The - Human - Orchestraaaaa-a-a-a-a-a"

The Legendary Run shows us that he can kick beats with the best of 'em on Run DMC's quickie "Son Of Byford".
Akeim & Narkim, better known as B-Boy Records' The Brothers with their second appearance here, tell us "all beatboxers aren't created equal" with a track to let all other beatboxers know that "You Can't Win", that's the shit right there son !
Another Flair favourite U.T.F.O. make an appearance here with the debonair Doctor Ice making the music with his mouth on "So Be It".
A.C. Posse with their human beatbox, whom I believe to be called Baby Beats, give a warning about the dangers of crack (fair enough) & p-funk (Wha ? Am I missing something here ? Are Parlifunkadelicment actually dangerous ?!?) on the human beat box version of "Tragic Magic".
Next up, Big Bang and his crew The Doctors Of Rapp with "Big Bang Theory", Dope beatboxing - Yep, Dope rhymes - Yep, Ropey singalong chorus - Oh yep. Ticks all the boxes there then !

American Express are desperately trying to restrain their human beatbox friend Boonie who has gone off on a wild beatbox fuelled rampage across the planet, the problem being that Boonie's beats are so loud that they can be heard from virtually anywhere, in fact "They say his beats can be heard by God", Blimey ! Boonie is later questioned about his location, seemingly not wanting to be found, he denies everything, even stating that he doesn't even know where he is himself, although when asked "Are You Fresh ?" Boonie makes his reply with the rather positive "Yes, Yes-Yes !" I have to agree. Boonie is eventually located, but we unfortunately never get to find out if he is captured as the song finishes with a cliffhanger ending, 25ish years later and I for one am still waiting to find out. It's called "Beat Box On The Loose" and it rocks.

Then we have The RCC Roxbury Crush Crew with Professor Rock getting absolutely ill with the beatbox on "Stop, Look and Listen", another top notch joint with a particularly dope rendition of Kraftwerk's "Tour De France".
The Final entry for this second volume of Strictly Beatbox is the mental "Boo Boo's Break" by the incredibly named Troy The Wonder Boy & Electric 1000 featuring 'The Six Year Old Wonder' (Who sounds more like an angry chain smoking pensioner) Boo Boo B. This jam is rather deranged & very dope indeed, but if Boo Boo is doing the rhymes and the beatbox, Herc only knows what the aforementioned Troy & the other thousand odd people were doing, maybe they programmed one sound each on the drum machine or something. Bizarre & brill.

Anyways, that's part two done, some fantastic tracks, i'm sure you'll agree. But don't you go thinking that this is finished.... Ohhhh Noooo.
Much more mouth malarkey to come, right here at Strictly Business.

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 2

A.C. Posse - Tragic Magic (Human Beat Box Version)
American Express - Beat Box On The Loose
Biz Markie - A One, Two
Boogie Down Productions - Breath Control
Disco P & The Fresh M.C. - Girls
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Rock The House
Doug E Fresh - Bonus Lesson # 1
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - La-Di-Da-Di
Eazy E featuring Freshly Done - Fat Girl
Emanon featuring Melle Mel & Bronx Style Bob - Susie (Live Version)
Fat Boys - Stick 'Em
Fresh To Impress - Suzi Q
Just Ice - The Original Gangster Of Hip Hop
MC Mitchski The Rappin' Comedian & M.B. The Human Radio - Goya
Professor Rock & The RCC Roxbury Crush Crew - Stop, Look and Listen
R.M.G. - Sam's A Man
Roxanne Shanté - Def Fresh Crew
Run DMC - Son Of Byford
Skinny Boys - Get Funky
Stetsasonic - Faye
T La Rock - Having Fun
The Brothers - You Can't Win
The Doctors Of Rapp - Big Bang Theory (Human Beat Box)
Troy The Wonder Boy & Electric 1000 featuring Boo-Boo B - Boo Boo's Break
U.T.F.O - So Be It

Password - defandstupid

Strictly Beatbox - Volume 3

"Cause when you get a chance you're making beats with your mouth"

Okey dokey, off we go with volume three of Strictly Beatbox, A slight change in content this time around, a little bit lighter on the beatboxing and a little bit heavier on the drum machines, but obviously all def. These are generally more 'joints with human beatbox bits' rather than your full blown proper 'human beatbox joints', with a few exceptions.

Starting us off for this third volume are the returning Bad Boys with K Love once again on the beatbox on the self titled "Bad Boys", maybe not quite up to the blazing ignunt dopeness of their previous entry but still a decent joint, newer heads appear to dig this because of the Inspector Gadget melody, it's like having the entire 1980s in one song ! (for silly billys anyway).
Next up we have Captain Rock with "The Pure" which is a kind of instrumental\beatbox version of "Cosmic Blast", listen up yo, The Captain probably should be listened to by everybody, everyday, and he might actually be God, so make sure that you crank it and consider it some form of worship if you are that way inclined.
DMX & Just Ice are here again with the classic jam "Latoya", giving out some handy advice for both the male & female of the species, "Yo, stop fronting, and use your head", another timeless winner.

Boston's White Boy Crew consisting of MC Popeye & Beatbox Spinach make their contribution here with the jolly "Popeye Rap", yet another tale about a meeting with a girl. Well.... MC Popeye doesn't sound much like Popeye, but he definitely looks the part with "My pipe in my mouth and my muscles on my arm" plus Reeboks & a lumberjack jacket, That's a fresh look bro !
Then we've got the third Strictly Beatbox entry from B-Boy Records' supreme The Brothers with the hard hitting and uberdope "I Got Rhythm", trust me on this one, this is a serious joint, superheavy beats, quality rhymes and lovely beatbox, hip hop greatness.
And Beatmaster T lays down beats a plenty on MC Chill's "Downbeats", (pity you gotta put up with that wicky wack nursery rhyme singing bird, Chill was definitely ahead of his time there unfortunately), another dope track with more 'Sanford & Son'. They love it.
C'mon everybody "You - You - You Big Dummy"

'The Magnificent' DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince make their third Strictly Beatbox appearance with the superb Ready Rock C on "Human Video Game", where our boy Willy saves his pennies by listening to Ready Rock do the Donkey Kong instead of playing it, the tight fisted bugger !
J Fresh & the DBL Crew are back with "Party Life", not a large amount of beatboxing on this one but it still gets included here, mainly because DBL were the fucking tits and deserve to be heard & appreciated.
The Biz is here once again with "Biz Beat", another heavily sampled joint which is labeled as being by Roxanne Shanté (who obviously had a habit of not appearing on tracks with her name on, the little fibber).
No beatbox human beat box compilation could ever be complete without the legend that is Doug E Fresh, so again we have two tracks by the man they call 'The World's Greatest Entertainer', with the P.C. Crew on "Dougee Fresh vs. The Beat Box" (Which was apparently released without Doug's permission), and with his own "Just Having Fun" (Which was featured on Streetsounds Electro 6, giving it legendary status in my neck of the woods !).

Making her escape from the 'Roxanne Wars' compilation a few posts down is Tanganyika a.k.a. Little Roxanne with "She's Got The Beat" , Tangy was a mic veteran at this stage of her remarkable career and she delivers us another slice of her unmistakable 'sounds like a kid rapping' rapping, whilst human beatbox Rahjeeb busts his lips to everyone's delight .
Then we have Strictly Biz hero Funkmaster Wizard Wiz, once again with his boy The Amazing Nubox, weighing up the pros & cons of the pipe on the schizophrenic original version of the party rocker "Crack It Up", from the ever popular mid '80s 'Crack' genre.

Speaking of which, next up we have a special appearance by Human Beat Box King Lamont ‘Kendu’ James on Goldie's "Crack Kid", I can honestly say that I haven't smoked any crack whatsoever since hearing this track, or done the 'Sissy Rock', so thanks for the helpful advice Goldie, and remember kids - "Leave That Crack Alone".
Next up - "The Master Of The Bass Is Here To Rock The Spot", that's right people, it's the man they call Steve Justice & The Afro Rican Connection, smurfing it up on the dope "It's Live". Yet another beautiful union of the drum machine & the human beatbox, aaaahhhh, don't they make a lovely couple.

Getting fed up with beatboxing yet ? Kydd Freshh has definitely had enough of 'The Human Beat Breath' Short Fat Sally on the dope "You're A Pest". As far as I am aware this was the first reported case of 'Beatbox Stalking' (sadly now an all too common occurrence), Poor Kydd Freshh is followed everywhere he goes by Sally, who beatboxes "24\7, 8 Days A Week", even behind closed doors the unhappy Kydd can "Still Hear The Bass". Hey yo, it's got beatboxing & drum machines, plus Cash Money's on it, and it's on that label that had a fanny in a pie, what else could you ask for ?

Once again we have the crew known as R.M.G. (Who later somehow morphed into the College Boyz) and the ever fresh human beatbox Squeaky G with a joint called "Don't Drop The Soap", i'm sure you get the idea from the title. Not quite up to the (incredibly high) standards set by their previous Strictly Beatbox entries, but still dope nonetheless.
Our next artistes may well have one of the most elaborate and 'quite frankly' (Copyright © - Vince McMahon) brilliant names of all time - It's Mr Tuxedo n' The Floor Takers featuring King Flash-Champ and Gary The Beat Box Kid ! Honestly, i'm not making this up ! (Did they have Fat Lace's random old school name generator handy at the time ?). Anyway, it's about shoes and it's dope.
One Love Gary.

Next in line from Hollis - Queens we have the legendary Run DMC & Jam Master Jay royally rocking it with the high ruling "Hit It Run", Jay busts it on the tables (obviously), while D rocks the rhymes solo style and lets Run get busy with the beatbox on the chorus.
Our final track for this third installment of Strictly Beatbox is from the much missed Profile label with "The Real Grandmaster" by the minimalistically named The Two, featuring the man that we're concerned with here - Mouth-A-Matic. A splendid piece from the 'Our DJ Is Better Than Yours' category. Plenty of '80s style cutting & scratching, chunky beats, silly Addams Family bit, top quality rhymes & our boy Mouth rocking the beatbox.

That's part three done & dusted then, but we ain't fucking abaaht here, more absolute beauties yet to come this way, stay tuned....

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 3

Bad Boys featuring K Love - Bad Boys
Captain Rock - The Pure
DBL Crew - Party Life
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Human Video Game
Doug E Fresh - Just Having Fun
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Crack It Up
Goldie - Crack Kid
Just Ice - Latoya
MC Chill - Downbeats
Mr Tuxedo & The Floor Takers - Name Brand Sneakers
P.C. Crew - Dougee Fresh vs. The Beat Box
R.M.G. - Don't Drop The Soap
Roxanne Shanté - Biz Beat
Run DMC - Hit It Run
Short Fat Sally - You're A Pest
Tanganyika – She's Got The Beat
The Afro Rican Connection - It's Live
The Brothers - I Got Rhythm
The Two - The Real Grandmaster
White Boy Crew - Popeye Rap

Password - defandstupid

Strictly Beatbox Bonus

a.k.a. Strictly Beatbox - Volume 4

"Well here's a little something that needs to be heard"

We ain't done yet blud ! Yep, it's the man called Flair with yet another def installment of Strictly Beatbox, this 4th volume is cut from the same mould as part 3 (i.e. tracks with beatbox bits, rather than the straight up 'actual' beatbox joints of parts 1 & 2, yuh get me ?).

Kicking things off we have the track that took human beatboxing to a mass audience, especially here in merry old England after being performed on Top Of The Pops, of course i'm talking about "The Show". The Get Fresh Crew do what they do best (i.e. get fresh in the background) while human beatbox messiah Doug E Fresh rocks the microphone with his right hand man Ricky D, a.k.a. Slick Rick, who is without doubt one of the greatest MCs of all time, (and who has forced me to nod my head to some horrendous beats over the years.) It's highly unlikely that anyone reading this right now isn't already familiar with this legendary joint, but I could hardly put a beatbox compilation together without it could I ? (The answer's no! - So ease the fuck up off my nuts beeeaayych).
Once again "Super Rapper" T La Rock is here with the ever dependable Greg N-I-C-E (E) supplying the beatbox on the awesome Mantronix produced "Back To Burn", this is some hard hitting shit people, everything about it is completely dope. - "annihilating" !

Next up we have Miami's finest, the 2 Live Crew with the extended 'Scratch Mix' of their thumping "What I Like", uptempo & kick drum heavy interspersed with a few light helpings of our favourite mouth made music from the man called MC Jammin' C. shout out to my homeboy Skar for suggesting this.
Our next joint is by Klintun with the rather misleadingly titled "Beat Box Rap (My Generation)", well, misleading in as much as that there's fuck all rapping on it. This track used to piss me off plenty back in the dizay, but it's cheesy charms have grown on me over the years, plus it's got bloody beatboxing on it innit !?!
With their third visit to Strictly Beatbox we have the Bad Boys, once again featuring K Love with "Mission", unfortunately "The Freshest Girl Beatbox has strangely disappeared" and the boys are on said mission to find her. File it under 'Beatbox Joints About Beatboxing' and nod your head as homegirl K Love gets "Flamboyant with a funky fresh beat".
Next up it's the amazing Emanon with "Emanon's Groove", I don't really know too much about Emanon, but I know that the dude is fucking dope. Seriously b-boys & b-girls, Emanon has absolutely got to be considered as one of the all time beatbox greats, his music speaks for itself (as he speaks it..... or something). anyways, this joint has our boy rocking the rhymes & the beatbox, and it's def. All praise the mighty Emanon - Beatbox Overlord.

Then we have Crew Devastation with one of the most unlikely titled diss tracks ever, "We're All Going To Heaven". It seems that the Crew are not particularly happy with our man Doug E, and are bloody well letting him know about it. It's got a fanny chorus, a small child rapping, a warning about the deadly crack, someone scratching "Aaahhhhh", and (surprise surprise) some beatboxing, hooray !
Next we've got the original line up of the incredible Kings Of Pressure with one of the greatest tunes of the era, if not of all time, "You Know How To Reach Us". Mere words alone cannot explain the extreme dopeness of this track, ferocious rhymes, heavy hitting beats and the sound of Chuck D's beeper beeping. We get the main joint for 4 minutes, then it all breaks into an extended beatbox jam with DJ Johnny Juice (who was responsible for a large amount of scratching on Public Enemy's recordings) dropping in a simple but effective snare to keep the pace, while Cracker Jay & E.Z. Breeze bust the beatbox for everybody else to rhyme over, in a rare case of the outro being left to keep rocking, instead of just fading out at the four minute mark. Everything about this track is as good as it gets, and it contains a strong contender for the "Best 10 Seconds Of Hip Hop Ever" championship from Cracker Jay at 03:39.

Look out - "Here Come The Fat Girls", from the trio known as the NYC Fat Girls, consisting of Chunky, Yum Yum & Butterball (I am deadly serious). Not the most original of concepts, but the rhymes (which are obviously about food) are dope, especially Butterball with "Food exterminator plus the crowd motivator, the food I eat fills three refrigerators", oh yeah, it's got beatboxing in it !
Turntable maestro DJ Cheese is here with the Z-3 MCs on the massive "Triple Threat", which is another 'beats & rhymes with beatbox bits' joint. Quality 'Word Of Mouth-ish' '85 shit with def rhymes & those either brilliant or ridiculous (or brilliantly ridiculous, or ridiculously brilliant, or... shut up Flair) keyboards, they "Destroy MCs that cannot rap" and I for one applaud them.
Still fiending for more wobbly keyboards ? Thought so ! Luckily for you the Point Blank MCs are here with "What The Party Needs", This track is loud yah, dope shouty vocals, big ol' beats, someone's pissed up uncle on the keyboards, and of course - human beatboxing. Word !
Next in line is The Mighty B-Force featuring the almighty DJ Hand Master Flash with "Is It Real Flash". Hand Master decides to leave the Deejaying duties to DJ Wiz, while he uses his almighty hand (Word up Naffa !) to grip the microphone.
Possibly reading from the holy book of Egyptian Lover, Mr Master Flash asks us "Who said DJs can't be MCs ?" (not me matey) then proceeds to rock the mic, and if that wasn't enough he busts out the beatbox too, and why the fuck not ?!?

Our next joint is a prime example of the 'Songs that make sense in the U.S. but don't in the U.K.' genre. Firstly I have no idea who the fuck Buckwheat is, Secondly I have no idea how the fuck to do the dance, the instruction contained within the lyrics are rather non-specific, plus they insist that I purchase a wig, I am not sure if I am committed enough to make that kind of investment at this stage in my life. However, this jam contains lines like :- "This dance is def, not weak like others - We wrote this jam for musical lovers", and you cannot fuck with that. It's called "The Buckwheat Dance Rap", it's by The Crush Force, and it's got plenty of particularly nice beatboxing in it. Of course it has !
Then it's The Showboys on some 'Untouchables' shit with "Drag Rap", I've always found this joint slightly weird because it sounds like a chirpy party rocker (possibly about b-boy transvestites), but it's actually a brutally violent caper in disguise ! definitely comes under the 'Ignunt\Beatboxing' category with lines such as "On your way back bring me his son, lock him in the trunk, yeah that should be fun", and the beatbox bit has got whistling on it, so the old folks are catered for as well, bless 'em.
For our final track on this edition on Strictly Beatbox we have the return of Short Fat Sally (Eeergh, see below) and the funky fresh "Sally's Attack". Sally got dissed by Kydd Freshh, mainly for her love of (consistently) beatboxing, and the girl ain't having it not one bit, so the Kydd gets dissed left, right & centre by the clearly pissed off Sally. She claims that the whole 'beatbox stalking incident' is a figment of Mr Freshh's imagination, and that the pair were actually a couple. Sally and Kydd's stories conflict so much that I really don't know who to believe. Cash Money is back too, choosing to remain impartial throughout the argument, in a diplomatic effort to resolve the conflict via his preferred medium of scratching. I think that this track is dope, and if you don't, then you have done very well by reading this far. And to Sally & the Kydd, I pray everyday (to Kool Herc obviously) that you both find happiness, love will find a way.

Phew, that was quite a lot of beatboxing, i'm done for now, but this shit is gonna continue at a later date. Not sure what will be on volume 5 yet, but you know that it's gonna be dope.

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 4

2 Live Crew - What I Like (Scratch Mix)
Bad Boys featuring K Love - Mission
Crew Devastation - We're All Going To Heaven
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show
Emanon - Emanon's Groove
Kings Of Pressure - You Know How To Reach Us
Klintun - Beat Box Rap (My Generation)
NYC Fat Girls - Here Comes The Fat Girls
Point Blank MCs - What The Party Needs
Short Fat Sally - Sally's Attack
T La Rock - Back To Burn
The Crush Force - The Buckwheat Dance Rap
The Mighty B-Force featuring Hand Master Flash - Is It Real Flash
The Showboys - Drag Rap
Z-3 MCs - Triple Threat

Password - defandstupid

Worst things encountered whilst putting this compilation together

1 - The horror of having to search Google images for 'Fat Boys' and 'Skinny Boys'
2 - Accidently finding out what a fat sally is at
3 - Expecting to find beefy beatboxing in "Beef Box" by MC Chief featuring Sexy Lady, but sadly finding none, what a tragic waste.
4- Saying that everything is "dope", (and typing babble in brackets).

Thanks to Skar, my girl Lili-Love, and all vinyl rippers.

And now for something completely different.........

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Notorious W.I.G. - Incredibly Rare Joint

Originally to be released in the summer of 1994, This is the original 'uncensored' version of The Notorious W.I.G. featuring Stuff Nanny's 'Big Poppa'.
The track provoked mass furore in West Norfolk upon it's pre release, in fact it was so controversial that it ended up being totally banned from the airwaves of Radio Norfolk & K.L.F.M.
The original version was quickly pulled and all unreleased copies were burned by an angry mob.
A heavily censored version was released in it's place.
This edited version is the one which you are all familiar with, and it is a ladies dancefloor classic to this very day.
The original 'uncensored' master tapes was subsequently 'destroyed' and thought to be lost forever.
However, this was recently found not to be the case, as the reels were found in 2009 in the private collection of the late great Bob Monkhouse.

Now in 2011, Strictly Business are proud to bring you both versions side by side.

First off, the edited version.

Then, the complete uncut original release.