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Strictly Beatbox Bonus

a.k.a. Strictly Beatbox - Volume 4

"Well here's a little something that needs to be heard"

We ain't done yet blud ! Yep, it's the man called Flair with yet another def installment of Strictly Beatbox, this 4th volume is cut from the same mould as part 3 (i.e. tracks with beatbox bits, rather than the straight up 'actual' beatbox joints of parts 1 & 2, yuh get me ?).

Kicking things off we have the track that took human beatboxing to a mass audience, especially here in merry old England after being performed on Top Of The Pops, of course i'm talking about "The Show". The Get Fresh Crew do what they do best (i.e. get fresh in the background) while human beatbox messiah Doug E Fresh rocks the microphone with his right hand man Ricky D, a.k.a. Slick Rick, who is without doubt one of the greatest MCs of all time, (and who has forced me to nod my head to some horrendous beats over the years.) It's highly unlikely that anyone reading this right now isn't already familiar with this legendary joint, but I could hardly put a beatbox compilation together without it could I ? (The answer's no! - So ease the fuck up off my nuts beeeaayych).
Once again "Super Rapper" T La Rock is here with the ever dependable Greg N-I-C-E (E) supplying the beatbox on the awesome Mantronix produced "Back To Burn", this is some hard hitting shit people, everything about it is completely dope. - "annihilating" !

Next up we have Miami's finest, the 2 Live Crew with the extended 'Scratch Mix' of their thumping "What I Like", uptempo & kick drum heavy interspersed with a few light helpings of our favourite mouth made music from the man called MC Jammin' C. shout out to my homeboy Skar for suggesting this.
Our next joint is by Klintun with the rather misleadingly titled "Beat Box Rap (My Generation)", well, misleading in as much as that there's fuck all rapping on it. This track used to piss me off plenty back in the dizay, but it's cheesy charms have grown on me over the years, plus it's got bloody beatboxing on it innit !?!
With their third visit to Strictly Beatbox we have the Bad Boys, once again featuring K Love with "Mission", unfortunately "The Freshest Girl Beatbox has strangely disappeared" and the boys are on said mission to find her. File it under 'Beatbox Joints About Beatboxing' and nod your head as homegirl K Love gets "Flamboyant with a funky fresh beat".
Next up it's the amazing Emanon with "Emanon's Groove", I don't really know too much about Emanon, but I know that the dude is fucking dope. Seriously b-boys & b-girls, Emanon has absolutely got to be considered as one of the all time beatbox greats, his music speaks for itself (as he speaks it..... or something). anyways, this joint has our boy rocking the rhymes & the beatbox, and it's def. All praise the mighty Emanon - Beatbox Overlord.

Then we have Crew Devastation with one of the most unlikely titled diss tracks ever, "We're All Going To Heaven". It seems that the Crew are not particularly happy with our man Doug E, and are bloody well letting him know about it. It's got a fanny chorus, a small child rapping, a warning about the deadly crack, someone scratching "Aaahhhhh", and (surprise surprise) some beatboxing, hooray !
Next we've got the original line up of the incredible Kings Of Pressure with one of the greatest tunes of the era, if not of all time, "You Know How To Reach Us". Mere words alone cannot explain the extreme dopeness of this track, ferocious rhymes, heavy hitting beats and the sound of Chuck D's beeper beeping. We get the main joint for 4 minutes, then it all breaks into an extended beatbox jam with DJ Johnny Juice (who was responsible for a large amount of scratching on Public Enemy's recordings) dropping in a simple but effective snare to keep the pace, while Cracker Jay & E.Z. Breeze bust the beatbox for everybody else to rhyme over, in a rare case of the outro being left to keep rocking, instead of just fading out at the four minute mark. Everything about this track is as good as it gets, and it contains a strong contender for the "Best 10 Seconds Of Hip Hop Ever" championship from Cracker Jay at 03:39.

Look out - "Here Come The Fat Girls", from the trio known as the NYC Fat Girls, consisting of Chunky, Yum Yum & Butterball (I am deadly serious). Not the most original of concepts, but the rhymes (which are obviously about food) are dope, especially Butterball with "Food exterminator plus the crowd motivator, the food I eat fills three refrigerators", oh yeah, it's got beatboxing in it !
Turntable maestro DJ Cheese is here with the Z-3 MCs on the massive "Triple Threat", which is another 'beats & rhymes with beatbox bits' joint. Quality 'Word Of Mouth-ish' '85 shit with def rhymes & those either brilliant or ridiculous (or brilliantly ridiculous, or ridiculously brilliant, or... shut up Flair) keyboards, they "Destroy MCs that cannot rap" and I for one applaud them.
Still fiending for more wobbly keyboards ? Thought so ! Luckily for you the Point Blank MCs are here with "What The Party Needs", This track is loud yah, dope shouty vocals, big ol' beats, someone's pissed up uncle on the keyboards, and of course - human beatboxing. Word !
Next in line is The Mighty B-Force featuring the almighty DJ Hand Master Flash with "Is It Real Flash". Hand Master decides to leave the Deejaying duties to DJ Wiz, while he uses his almighty hand (Word up Naffa !) to grip the microphone.
Possibly reading from the holy book of Egyptian Lover, Mr Master Flash asks us "Who said DJs can't be MCs ?" (not me matey) then proceeds to rock the mic, and if that wasn't enough he busts out the beatbox too, and why the fuck not ?!?

Our next joint is a prime example of the 'Songs that make sense in the U.S. but don't in the U.K.' genre. Firstly I have no idea who the fuck Buckwheat is, Secondly I have no idea how the fuck to do the dance, the instruction contained within the lyrics are rather non-specific, plus they insist that I purchase a wig, I am not sure if I am committed enough to make that kind of investment at this stage in my life. However, this jam contains lines like :- "This dance is def, not weak like others - We wrote this jam for musical lovers", and you cannot fuck with that. It's called "The Buckwheat Dance Rap", it's by The Crush Force, and it's got plenty of particularly nice beatboxing in it. Of course it has !
Then it's The Showboys on some 'Untouchables' shit with "Drag Rap", I've always found this joint slightly weird because it sounds like a chirpy party rocker (possibly about b-boy transvestites), but it's actually a brutally violent caper in disguise ! definitely comes under the 'Ignunt\Beatboxing' category with lines such as "On your way back bring me his son, lock him in the trunk, yeah that should be fun", and the beatbox bit has got whistling on it, so the old folks are catered for as well, bless 'em.
For our final track on this edition on Strictly Beatbox we have the return of Short Fat Sally (Eeergh, see below) and the funky fresh "Sally's Attack". Sally got dissed by Kydd Freshh, mainly for her love of (consistently) beatboxing, and the girl ain't having it not one bit, so the Kydd gets dissed left, right & centre by the clearly pissed off Sally. She claims that the whole 'beatbox stalking incident' is a figment of Mr Freshh's imagination, and that the pair were actually a couple. Sally and Kydd's stories conflict so much that I really don't know who to believe. Cash Money is back too, choosing to remain impartial throughout the argument, in a diplomatic effort to resolve the conflict via his preferred medium of scratching. I think that this track is dope, and if you don't, then you have done very well by reading this far. And to Sally & the Kydd, I pray everyday (to Kool Herc obviously) that you both find happiness, love will find a way.

Phew, that was quite a lot of beatboxing, i'm done for now, but this shit is gonna continue at a later date. Not sure what will be on volume 5 yet, but you know that it's gonna be dope.

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 4

2 Live Crew - What I Like (Scratch Mix)
Bad Boys featuring K Love - Mission
Crew Devastation - We're All Going To Heaven
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show
Emanon - Emanon's Groove
Kings Of Pressure - You Know How To Reach Us
Klintun - Beat Box Rap (My Generation)
NYC Fat Girls - Here Comes The Fat Girls
Point Blank MCs - What The Party Needs
Short Fat Sally - Sally's Attack
T La Rock - Back To Burn
The Crush Force - The Buckwheat Dance Rap
The Mighty B-Force featuring Hand Master Flash - Is It Real Flash
The Showboys - Drag Rap
Z-3 MCs - Triple Threat

Password - defandstupid

Worst things encountered whilst putting this compilation together

1 - The horror of having to search Google images for 'Fat Boys' and 'Skinny Boys'
2 - Accidently finding out what a fat sally is at
3 - Expecting to find beefy beatboxing in "Beef Box" by MC Chief featuring Sexy Lady, but sadly finding none, what a tragic waste.
4- Saying that everything is "dope", (and typing babble in brackets).

Thanks to Skar, my girl Lili-Love, and all vinyl rippers.

And now for something completely different.........

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