Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Notorious W.I.G. - Incredibly Rare Joint

Originally to be released in the summer of 1994, This is the original 'uncensored' version of The Notorious W.I.G. featuring Stuff Nanny's 'Big Poppa'.
The track provoked mass furore in West Norfolk upon it's pre release, in fact it was so controversial that it ended up being totally banned from the airwaves of Radio Norfolk & K.L.F.M.
The original version was quickly pulled and all unreleased copies were burned by an angry mob.
A heavily censored version was released in it's place.
This edited version is the one which you are all familiar with, and it is a ladies dancefloor classic to this very day.
The original 'uncensored' master tapes was subsequently 'destroyed' and thought to be lost forever.
However, this was recently found not to be the case, as the reels were found in 2009 in the private collection of the late great Bob Monkhouse.

Now in 2011, Strictly Business are proud to bring you both versions side by side.

First off, the edited version.

Then, the complete uncut original release.

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