Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Roxanne Wars

Why'd ya have to make a record 'bout me ?
The R-O-X-A-N-N-E

The legendary U.T.F.O. (Untouchable Force Organization) dropped "Roxanne Roxanne" as the B side to their "Hanging Out" single in 1984.
Shit blew up big.
Meanwhile in Queensbridge, a certain Lolita Shanté Gooden apparently overheard a conversation between Mr Magic & Marley Marl about U.T.F.O cancelling an appearance at a show they were promoting. Out of this came "Roxanne's Revenge", with the aforementioned Ms. Gooden taking on the moniker Roxanne Shanté.
Shit blew up really big.
Marley & Shanté's original cut was over U.T.F.O.s beat, but legal issues arose so the pair recorded a new version over one of Marley's beats.
U.T.F.O. responded with the Real Roxanne (Elease Jack a.k.a. Elease the Original Roxanne), addressing U.T.F.O. rather than Shanté.
However, due to a falling out with Select Records and\or U.T.F.O, Elease was replaced with Adelaida Martinez (the better known 'Real Roxanne').

Hold up.... So now there's 4 Roxannes already :
U.T.F.O's (original hypothetical) Roxanne, Roxanne Shanté, the original Real Roxanne & the actual Real Roxanne.

Then shit got out of control.
We got hit with Roxanne's brothers, Roxanne's sister, Roxanne's parents, Roxanne's girls, L'il Roxanne, Roxanne's baby, Roxanne's doctor & several claiming to be Roxanne's man.
We were told about how Roxanne was actually male & fat, even Blowfly got involved (and Roxanne's parents are gonna be mad when they find out what he's been up to).
Some had had more than enough by this stage and pleaded for an end to the saga (whilst contributing towards it).
Then the news was sadly broken that "She Died".

The Numerous Roxannes got dissed and\or defended by a massive amount of artists over a short space of time, with a quality level ranging from bad (meaning bad) to bad (meaning good).
This certainly can't be considered a complete collection of the saga, but rather a work in progress.
Hopefully one day the elusive (& possibly non existent) Roxanne's grandmother, dog, milkman, e.t.c will show their faces, (Little Ice anyone ?!?), If they do you can be assured that I will keep this post updated with any new additions as & when...
(Plus I just noticed that I totally forgot about getting Sonny Diesel to retrieve his LP of 'The Complete Story of Roxanne', so there will definitely be another update at some point.......)

Big respect going out to the mighty Fat Lace crew for supplying some of the tracks, to Will C for the Starrlite joint, HSPussy, Big John, plus to everybody else out there sharing hip hop love.

Ric Flair & Strictly Business Presents
The Roxanne Wars

Anthony - Roxanne Is A Man
Blowfly - Blowfly meets Roxanne
Crush Groove - Yo My Little Sister (Roxanne's Brothers)
DJ Spin Kut - Roxanne Girls Mega Mix 2
Doctor JR Kool - Rap Your Own Roxanne
Doctor Rocx and Co - Do the Roxanne (Dance) Part One
Dr Freshh - Roxanne's Doctor The Real Man
DW & The Party Crew featuring Roxy - Roxy (Roxanne's Sister)
Elease the Original Roxanne – The Real Deal
G-Mann - Roxanne (Is My Girl)
Gigolo Tony & Lacey Lace - The Parents of Roxanne
Korner Boyz - The Saga Of Roxanne
Maggotron - Planet Detroit vs. The Roxanne Plague
Mix-Trix 4 - Roxanne Can You Feel It
Potato Chips - Roxanne's Real Fat
Ralph Rolle - Roxanne's A Man (The Untold Story)
Ricardo & Chocolate Boogie - Do It Ricardo (Roxanne's Man)
Rocksann - She Died
Roxanne Shanté - Roxanne's Revenge (Original Version)
Roxanne Shanté - Roxanne's Revenge (Street version)
Roxanne Shanté vs Sparky Dee - Round 1
Sparky Dee - Sparky's Turn (Roxanne You're Through)
Starrlite - Watch Out Roxanne
Tanganyika - I’m Little Roxanne
The East Coast Crew - The Final Word - No More Roxanne (Please)
The Invasions - Roxanne's Dis
The Invasions - Roxanne's Man
The Overnite Bandits - Roxanne's Baby
The Real Roxanne - The Real Roxanne
U.T.F.O. - Roxanne Roxanne
U.T.F.O. - Calling Her A Crab (Roxanne Part 2)
Zelee featuring Osé - No More Roxanne (Roxanne No More)

Password - defandstupid

"Callin' Her A Crab Is Just A Figure Of Speech."


  1. Yet another amazing post, chaps.
    For me - apart from the original UTFO and Shante tracks - I've always loved Ralph Rolle - Roxanne's A Man though.

    Repo - Ageing B-Boys Unite!

  2. please re up soon...thanx in advanced!!!

  3. Guys - seriously amazing post. Been thinking of compiling a definitive list of Roxannes myself. Any chance of a re-up?

  4. OK, Icy, Tim & Jesse.
    If you're still out there, stay tuned.
    Gigantic update to this dropping very soon.

  5. So was there ever a Roxanne vs Godzilla ?

  6. Wow, cannot wait to hear the re-up of this incredible collection - there is some really rare material on it!

  7. Please re-up!

  8. A re-up is due, now that all of us are watching that stupid movie on Netflix.

    I dl'ed years ago but I CAN'T FIND IT!

    1. I've got a revised update with new tracks & stuff, I just need to dig it out & finish it.
      Hopefully sometime not too far away, & when I get it done i'll attempt to contact everyone who has requested this.


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