Friday, 7 March 2014

Get Out Business

Hold up, wait a minute !

Don't worry, it's not time for another one of your boy Flair's rants, far from it this time around.
(I'm not trying to give my girlfriend any hints either).
This here bit is about a track that is possibly one of the most influential of all time, a piece of music that has been loved by generations & is as classic as classic could possibly be.

Written by the legendary Allen Toussaint & first recorded by Lee Dorsey way back in 1965, produced by Marshall E. Sehorn & Toussaint (& quite possibly backed by the then recently formed The Meters) "Get Out Of My Life Woman" was obviously a winner of a track to begin with, it is ridiculously hard to find any information on it's origins, but the song's sentiments seemed to strike a chord with people who had been through relationship problems at some point (pretty much everybody then), but I doubt that Toussaint or Dorsey had any idea of the legacy that their work on that particular joint would leave over the next (almost) 50 years, & beyond.

Lyrically simple, but very effective. The actual lyrics are gender specific (lesbians excluded), but i'm fairly sure that just as many females have been sympathetically nodding their heads over the years to this one.
But as nice as those lyrics are, this one is very much about the drums.

Now, here at Strictly Business we love our drums, very much so, very bloody much, very bloody much indeed, blahblahblah-e.t.c.e.t.c.e.t.c....
But we are far from what could be described as your actual drum experts (We can leave that to the ©Cold Man), but we know the odd nugget.

One of those nuggets is the fact that the style of drumming on that track definitely doesn't seem to sound like what the average drummer was playing back in '65, again, it's simple, but it's clearly got that boom bap shit going on which you generally didn't hear coming through until a few years later. We would not be surprised at all if it was Zigaboo Modeliste on the drums, as it could definitely be interpreted as an early version of the style he would become known for with The Meters.

And that's where the beauty of the whole shit lies...........

It didn't take long to take a hold, & within a year of it's original release, "Get Out Of My Life Woman" had already been covered by many different artists & was well on it's way to becoming a standard.
But something particularly sweet happened along the way, these artists seemed to recognise the prominence of the drums, they all took this on board one way or the other, & without knowing it at the time, gave hip hop heads a bountiful source of funkiness.

"Ba Boom - Bap, Ba Boom Boom Bap" - Repeat.

The original track has been sampled well over 100 times, & that's just the drums. But as you will hear, that really was just the beginning, we can't be bothered to look it up properly right now, but we think that it's fairly safe to say that if you include all the cover versions, there are at least 230 examples of samples used from this one song.

The versions by the blues & jazz heads are pretty much all absolute classics, but those crazy rock/garage/psych/mod/hippy/whatever freaks also did some awesome work with the track, most of these covers (with a few exceptions) were recorded in the mid to late 60s when everything was lovely & the funk started creeping into the room.

One interesting note is the fact that on a large amount of the rock/genre versions the vocalists seem to fuck the lyrics up quite a lot, but the jazzier dudes hold it down nicely, some even add their own extra verses.

Also, not all these tracks are actually named "Get Out Of My Life Woman". Other titles are "Get Out My Life Woman", "Get Out Of My Life", the amazing "Get Off My Life Woman", & "Yeter Artik Kadin" in the case of the psychedelic Turks Bunalim.

Another thing to note is that some of these tracks are covers of the original, but some are actually covers of covers, if you get our drift.

But as important as those drums are, the musical variations in the cover versions are really something special too, the horns, the pianos, the guitars.....
& those extra female vocals on the Solomon Burke version are ridiculously nice.

Really hope this doesn't come across as racist in any way, but a lot of the singers lacking in eumelanin on a few of these joints don't really sound particularly nice, in fact some vocals are rather painful, but the rest of the band usually make up for it, but those singers blessed with natural vocal ability are beyond superb on some of these versions.

There seems to be at least 100 'official' cover versions out there, & that's not including all the other shit loads of live versions by bands all over the planet floating around the net.
But as you should already know, Strictly Biz always keep it quality over quantity, so what you get here is what we consider the top 30 recordings of this classic song.

Along the way you will notice many a recognisable sample from such classic tracks as "Ill Street Blues", "How My Man Went Down In The Game", "I Got Cha Opin", "Dre Day", "Back To The Grill", "Extra Abstract Skillz", "Memory Lane", "Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha", "Funk Is Back" & "Bloodshed Hua Hoo" amongst many others.

Muggs is a repeat offender & Cypress in particular have caned it on the various versions.
And at a guess we reckon that most of you beatmakers out there have rocked at least one of these versions at some point.

Some of these open drum breaks are supremely fonky, but a few sound like Chestwigz's Nan could have rocked the same shit on her empty tins & ashtrays, but generally they all stick to the original structure.
Not every included track starts with an open drum break, but most of them do.
These drums vary heavily in quality, but some of the better ones are unbelievably good.

This certainly isn't some last word shit on the subject, the included tracks are just the ones we like the most out of the ones we've actually heard, but there are many many more out there so do your own hunting. We would love to hear more versions in any other language than English, there must be at least one Japanese version out there, but we are yet to find it. If we missed any particularly good versions then please let us know in the comments.

Well, it's been almost 50 years, Lee Dorsey is sadly long gone, but Allen Toussaint is still very much with us & still performing his timeless classics, In fact he will be playing Ronnie Scott's in Soho, London on the 15th of April, so sling that in whatever tech reminder systems you currently rock & grab some tickets.

So, in the words of DJ Run & DMC - "There It Is", Some of the finest versions of one of the greatest tracks of all time, shout out to Lu Cipher on this one, coming up next is something rather special, keep it locked right here.

OK, nuff rambling, head nodding time.

Strictly Business presents
Get Out Business

Albert King - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Allen Toussaint - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Bill Cosby - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Bunalim - Yeter Artik Kadin
Dee Dee, Barry & The Movements - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Freddie King - Get Out Of My Life Woman
George Semper - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Ginger Ale - Get Off My Life Woman
Grassella Oliphant - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Hu & The Hilltops - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Ian & The Zodiacs - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Iron Butterfly - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Joe Williams & Thad Jones With The Mel Lewis Orchestra - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Lee Dorsey - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Les Blackburds - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Les Marquis & Harry Brent - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Mountain - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Q65 - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Solomon Burke - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Tags - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Boots - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Fireballs - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The John Schroeder Orchestra - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Kingsmen - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Leaves - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Mad Lads - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Mourning Reign - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The New Apocalypse - Get Out Of My Life Woman
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Wilmer & The Dukes - Get Out Of My Life Woman

Password - defandstupid

"Climbing, Climbing, Climbing - High !"

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Strictly Antimix

What you say people ?!?

Happy new year & all that malarkey.

Those of you in the know may have heard of a rather smashing site called Antisocial.
Well, if you didn't, you bloody well should have done, but at least you know now, so let's all take a deep breath & move on.
Anyway, the Antisocial crew have been responsible for all sorts of tasty treats over the years, but for me one of the highlights has been the superb Antimix series.
Antimix is a bit like when your nan used to get tins of food for a bargain price because the label had fallen off & nobody actually knew what was inside, so you never quite know what you're getting until you open it up.
Unfortunately back in the day my nan always ended up with dog food or mandarins, shit loads of mandarins.
But this is where Antimix differs, cos when you open that bugger up it's like finding hidden treasure.
Now we at Strictly Business tend to know our shit when it comes to funky records, but Antimix has schooled us to all kinds of absolute gems.
As I write this I am listening to the latest in the series & my head nod is properly on. I'm not gonna mention anything specifically, but if you like your drums & general funkiness you wil be very happy indeed.
Anyway, you can hear it right here. -

But even better, head to the site & grab a copy, then while you're there you can scroll down & peep all the other dope stuff the squad have posted for our enjoyment.
157 is a walking hip hop encyclopedia & Fish is a beat making demon, amongst their many other talents.
Then if you head over to Mixcloud you can listen to various parts of the series, plus other nuggets of joy.

1. Shunning the society of others; not sociable.
2. Hostile to or disruptive of the established social order; marked by or engaging in behavior that violates accepted mores: gangs engaging in vandalism and other antisocial behavior.
3. Antagonistic toward or disrespectful of others; rude.

And you can't fuck with that.

"Monkey See, Monkey Do - I Don't Know Why"

Monday, 23 December 2013

Strictly Christmas 2013

Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas !

Yep, i'm pretty sure that at least some of you have noticed that it's that time of year again, 2013 has been one big fuck of a year, plenty of highs, but just as many lows.
But now is not the time for contemplating, now is the time for celebrating, so once again Strictly Business are here to supply the soundtrack to your festivities.
We didn't put up a Strictly Christmas 2012 last year, so to make up for it this year is double dope.
(Previous installments can be found here & here).
That means that this years selection comes in two parts, basically there are so many nice Christmas reggae tracks that they had to have their own part, so part one is stocking filled with funk, soul, hip hop, & a bit of jazz, part two is pure reggae/dancehall.
There are way too many tracks for me to do a proper writeup right now, i've been up for a stupidly long time & I still have to wrap a large amount of presents before I can sleep, so you're just gonna have to have some faith in the old Strictly crew this time around.
There are some absolutely awesome tunes here, along & a few that aren't so good, but should bring a smile to your faces, plus some festive dancehall violence.
So get some mince pie flavour blunt papers & some Advocaat, then crank these crackers up.

Strictly Business presents - 
Strictly Christmas 2013 pt I

Albert King - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'
Baby Washington - White Christmas
Binky Griptite & The Dee-Kays - Stone Soul Christmas
Brook Benton - Soul Santa
Count Sidney & His Dukes - Soul Christmas
De La Soul - Simply
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Jingle Bells
Funk Machine - Soul Santa
Gary Walker - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
Houghas Sorowonko (Lead Vocal by Pee Pee Dynamite) - A Groovy Christmas & New Year
J Hines & The Boys - A Funky Xmas To You
Lou Rawls - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
Mack Rice - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'
Milly & Silly - Gettin Down For Xmas
R.A. The Rugged Man & Mac Lethal - Crustified Christmas
Ric Flair & Chestwigz feat Rolf Harris, Louie Armstrong & Captain Party - Jingle Bells
Rufus Thomas - I'll Be Your Santa Baby
Run DMC - Christmas Is
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Jingle Bells
The Harvey Averne Band - Let's Get It Together This Christmas
The Jive Turkeys - Get Down Santa
The Olympic Cyclone Band - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
The Rotary Connection - Silent Night Chant
Ugly Duckling - Last Minute Shopping

Strictly Business presents -
Strictly Christmas 2013 pt II

Admiral Bailey - Christmas Style
Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas - Christmas Comes Once A Year
Barry Brown - Christmas Christmas
Beenie Man - Christmas Murder (Fassy)
Bobo General - Christmas Daya
Bounty Killer - Miss Ivy Last Son
Busy Signal - Tell Santa Dis
Cocoa Tea - Christmas Is Coming
Dillinger - Hi Fashion Christmas
Elephant Man - Badman Holiday
Half Pint - Christmas Vibes
Horace Andy - Christmas Time
Icho Candy - Christmas Is A Rich Man's Treat
Jacob 'Killer' Miller & Ray I - Deck The Halls
Junior Reid - Rappa Pam Pam
Little John - Save A Little For Christmas
Little Kirk - Gee Whiz! (It's Christmas)
Lui Lepke - Christmas Season
Mavado Flexxx & Savage - Gully Christmas
Merciless - Christmas Warral
Pam Hall - Santa Down A Where
Ranking Ringo - Christmas Time
Scooby Doo - Christmas Time
Shorty The President - Christmas Fair
Sugar Minott - A Christmas Jamboree
Tony Matterhorn - Christmas In J.A
Trinity - All I Want For Christmas
Tristan Palmer - Christmas Jamboree
Vybz Kartel - Christmas King
Yellowman - Where Is Santa

Password - defandstupid

Peace & goodwill to all lovers of dope music.
(Unless you are a cunt) ;)

"He's Oh So Fat, But His Beard Is Still Clean"

Monday, 18 November 2013

Strictly Doobiest

On the 28th of November Strictly Biz are bringing you 90s Cali legends Funkdoobiest, who are now on their 20th anniversary tour, this is the first time that the Doobies have stepped on U.K. soil in 15 years.

Funkdoobiest have dropped some certified classics over the years, they were members of the Soul Assassins along with Cypress Hill & House Of Pain, and their first LP got mad play back in the early 90s.
(My copy was on cassette, but I later swapped it for vinyl with my man DJ Wrong Speed Hairy Palms).

Now 'The Porno King' Son Doobie (originally Sun Dubious fact fans) is returning to the UK with new crew members Juan Barajas & Brett Bouldin. Brett had a big part in developing Cypress Hill and he is the man that B-Real himself credits with teaching him to write in format (maybe i'll get him to have a word with Chestwigz & Rhymeswine). He wrote "Hand on the Pump" for Cypress and helped develop Son Doobie as an artist, and those credentials can obviously not be argued with.

Funkdoobiest have always been known to put on a dope live show & will undoubtably rock the spot, I saw them support Cypress in about 93/94 & they put on a quality show. Another lesser know factoid about the group is that they are named after a song B-Real wrote in 1991 called "The Funkdoobiest".
Expect classic joints like "Bow Wow Wow",  "Wopbabalubop", "The Funkiest", "Rock On", "Dedicated", & many more fat tracks.

Along with the Doobies, the Business have the finest line up of supporting acts yet, firstly we are incredibly happy to announce that the phenomenal U.K. legends Son Of Noise will be in the house, one of the greatest British hip hop crews of all time, with classic after classic, absolutely not to be missed.
Galaxy High make their return to the Silver Bullet with Incksalonious who will be representing Brooklyn, Savage Henry also makes his long awaited return to Strictly Biz & the incredibly nimble fingers of scratch genius Professor Breakz will be repping the Offenders, Fvnts & the whole East coast.

Then after the main show, the Strictly Business after party kicks in, where for the first time ever Strictly Business London, Strictly Business East Coast & Strictly Business Brighton will link up for 4 hours of the greatest beats known to mankind, On the wheels of steel will be Sonny Delight, Dirty Dent, Oliver Sudden and the double dope duo of Black Belt Jonez & Tyni.
You can keep up with Jonez & Tyni on Facebook here.

This really will be a night not to be missed, the Silver Bullet is a great venue, the sound system is dope & you get up close & personal with the artists.
The Silver Bullet has a 200 max capacity, it really is an intimate venue, most hip hop nights in London with artists of this calibre are in 600+ cap locations.
Strictly Business & the Silver Bullet are taking the performer off the pedestal and placing them up close and personal with their peers. Bringing the hip hop house party vibe to life.

The shows Strictly Business have been putting on have been getting hotter and hotter, and this event is definitely looking like the hottest yet.

So many incredible artists in one night, it really would be silly for you to miss out, so put the 28th of November in your diaries & get your tickets right now here.

The Silver Bullet is simple to find, 5 Station Place, dead opposite Finsbury Park Tube Station. It's a cool venue with a decent affordable range of tasty beverages and they love their hip hop, so you know that the party will be fully on.

So, don't miss out on the finest UK hip hop has to offer, Strictly Business continue to climb to ever higher heights, gigantic things are planned for 2014, keep 'em peeled.

Presented by the Silver Bullet & Strictly Business in association with Wordplay magazine, Grand District and Planet Rock Graphics.

See you on the 28th.

"Hey Peter, Peter, You Fat Pumpkin Eater"

Friday, 1 November 2013

Strictly Jane

The J to the A to the N to the E !

Welcome once again to Strictly Business.
You should all be glad that after my rather large rant on the Paul C thing I have returned to my usual peace loving self, so sorry to anybody who was offended by my borderline musical fascism, I just really really love hip hop & feel that it needs protecting. Anyway, i'm cool now.
Now, regular readers may remember a piece a few years back on a girl (or girls/e.t.c.) called Roxanne.
Well, that was a saga about a girl that went on & on & on, however within a couple of years it was all over & done with.
But this here saga has been going on for 20 odd years, (plus it may not be finished yet) and it's about a girl called Jane.

Now you may well have noticed our appreciation of EPMD here at Strictly Biz, obviously we weren't gonna name our crew after some wack shit now were we. (We had enough wack names in the past).
Erick & Parrish are without doubt one of hip hop's greatest groups of all time, and in your boy flair's opinion, hip hop's most consistently dope album droppers, I defy anyone to find anybody with their first 5 LPs to be as strong as EPMD's. (Rakim, G Rap & Gangstarr are up there, but not 5 in a row, not even Public Enemy).

However, what we are presenting here is not a selection of EPMD's best tracks, rather a selection of some of their weirdest.
Far from being a seamless set of stories, what we get is the funky but heavily disjointed saga of the infamous Jane.

Things start out fairly straightforward, but rapidly decent into some bizarre stories about a familiar sounding girl (?) with ever freakier tendencies & an ever changing hairstyle that resembles popular R&B singers.
The P double E-MD & the Green Eyed (i'm not even saying it) Bandit get themselves into some wonky situations, although it does mainly seem to be their fault (bearing in mind that if I happen to see a local "Jane" I do a swifty runner), even after the first couple of tracks I would be very wary, but after she had returned from the dead I would be thafuckouttathere ! But even after that they didn't seem to learn their lesson,
But Erick & Parrish's ho woes are our entertainment, kinda like a hip hop Jeremy Kyle show.

I'm not gonna go into the specific details of each track, partly because you can do that for yourselves, but mainly because I can't be arsed.
Anyway, this exists as a Strictly Business quickie because it didn't require mad research/memory/tune hunting, expect more of these in the future along with the regular stuff.
Sorry to Drew & the Fat Lace crew for biting your pics, I did actually bite them from someone who had already bitten them from you, so I need shark teeth at the minute.

It's now been 5 years since we've heard anything from Jane, but i'm guessing that she's still out there & hopefully we will find out what the (probably wrinkled) girl has been up to.
Depending on how it goes for you, you might love each track, or you may find yourself somehow within the mind of MC Shan thinking "Jane - Stop This Crazy Thing".
Either way is good with me.
Like I said, this is not EPMD's finest by any means, but I think the shits is dope.
Anyway, nuff waffling, here it is.

Strictly Business Presents -
Strictly Jane

EPMD - Jane (1988)
EPMD - Jane II (1989)
EPMD - Jane 3 - (1990)
EPMD - Who Killed Jane (1992)
EPMD - Jane 5 (1997)
EPMD - Jane 6 (1999)
EPMD - Jane (2008)

Password - defandstupid

And while you're here -
London heads - put November the 28th in you diaries right now.
Strictly Business have another huge night of classic hip hop entertainment for you.
Details to follow soon........................

"Looked Her Up & Down, Said Hmmmmm, I'll Take Her"

Monday, 14 October 2013

Strictly Paul C

Hello, good evening & welcome once again to Strictly Business.

Now as regular readers will know, here at Strictly Business we have a quality over quantity philosophy, so although we've been quiet for a while, what we have for you will more than make up for it.

Now, ask yourself a question.............

Who was Paul C ?

Well if you know the answer then continue reading, you will like this.

If you don't know the answer then fuck off somewhere else.

We are deadly serious, go do your research, buy some records, live your life.
When the time is right & you have correctly educated yourself, then you may return.

Basically, if you call yourself a hip hop fan, but you don't know Paul C, then you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

(For fucks sake, just for inventing channel panning the dude deserves legendary status, but that's just the tiniest piece of the pie..........)

But whoever you are, and whatever type of hip hop you like, down the line you probably owe it to Paul C. And if you don't recognise the pioneers who created the music that you claim to love, then Flair will make a personal visit to piss in your Corn Flakes.

(And you fucking idiots need to stop referring to everything as "old school" when you have no fucking idea. "Sucker MCs" started the "new school" & most of you suckers weren't even born then. "old school" is not any old shit you remember from your youth you twats, I started listening to hip hop in 1984, so even I can't legitimately claim to be "old school".
So i'm saying now, if you are one of these people who refer to 90s rip off indie shit as "old school", please stop now you fucking nitwits. Paul C himself is an absolute legend, but even his era was "new school", so you have been warned, stop talking shit or face the wrath of Flair. Honestly, ifyouenevfucking-RAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH...... e.t.c.).

Aaaannnnnnnnddddd breath.

My rant may offend our milder followers, but that's the way it is.
The culture, timeline & figures of hip hop are more important that that cunt Jay-Z's latest shit LP.
Know your fucking history people, school yourself or I may get properly angry.

OK, that's that out of the way, down to business.

Now, little has been written about the man known as Paul C, the only piece to speak of was the article by Dave Tompkins in Big Daddy magazine (which you can read an edited version of here) back at the start of the millennium.
There are mentions of Paul on the net, but just fragmented pieces of history. Obviously the Wikipedia page is shit, and even finding a picture is difficult (as you can see by the lo fi shots here).

(However, just as I write this somebody has linked me to this, which should be a must see, although I haven't had time to check it yet, gigantic props to Pritt Kalsi).

And those pictures (on the back of Rakim/Stezo LPs) were where most of us first heard of Paul, and even back then we had already lost him. It was only upon further reflection that we realised that the same dude was responsible for so many booming tracks. Even later we realised he was one of the most influential musicians in hip hop's history.

As much as I would love to say that you are about to read the definitive piece on Paul C, that's not gonna happen from a weed addled reclusive hermit from out in the deep dark sticks of the UK, hopefully somebody a little closer to Queens will one day write a book about Paul & Studio 1212, but that's not me.

But, what your boy Flair can do, is use that O.C.D. shit to his advantage, and bring you the next best thing.

The Big Daddy piece finished with a Paul C discography, compiled by Mr Tompkins & Ivory from the P Brothers.
Unfortunately though, it was far from complete.
All the well known stuff was there, but there was a lot of incredible tracks missing.

See, Paul was highly prolific, as soon as he started working with hip hop artists he became addicted, and worked on a huge amount of tracks until the day of his untimely death.
And Paul worked in many different roles in the studio, yeah he produced & engineered, but for some other joints Paul's role was more subtle, somehow creating a sound just by his presence. (Ask Ced G).

But like I said, i'm not the one to be telling stories of Paul, Flair's here for another reason.

That reason would be to compile the nearest there is to a complete Paul McKasty discography.

Now you would think that with the technology available in 2013 that this would be a fairly simple task,
So I started with the Big Daddy article, then went from there. is sometimes helpful, but check out this list of names ->
"Paul C" McKasty, MCKasty, P.C. McKasty, Paul, Paul "C", Paul C., Paul C. 1212, Paul C. McKasty, Paul Cee, Paul McKastee, Paul McKasty, Paul-C, Paul-Cee..............

Confusing shit, plus sometimes his only credit would be "Paul", and then there's all the uncredited stuff............

So, after combining my own (herb dwindled) boom bap knowledge, referenced with whatever I could find online, what we have is the closest thing available to a complete Paul C discography.

But being Strictly Business we like to go one better.........

Now, i'm certainly not claiming that this is definitive, but it seems to be as close as anyone's got so far.
Look at this as a work in progress, anyone out there that can supply more info, please let me know & I will keep this post updated.

At the end of the day, what we have here is a selection of bonafide classics, obscure gems & curious oddities, all with one thing in common, the musical genius of Paul C McKasty.

Paul C Lives !

Strictly Paul C pt1

360° - Years To Build
Biz Markie - A Thing Named Kim
Biz Markie - Just A Friend
Black By Demand  - Can't Get Enough
Black By Demand - All Rappers Give Up
Black Rock & Ron - True Feelings (Paul C Hip Hop Remix)
Captain G Whiz - All The Way Live
Captain G Whiz - Go G Whiz
Captain G Whiz - It's Hyped
Casanova Fly - Casanova's Rap
Disco Twins & Starchild  - Do That Right
Disco Twins & Starchild - There It Is !
Doctor Freeze - I'm Too Much
Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice - Leave Me This Way
Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice - Party Jump
Eric B & Rakim - In The Ghetto
Eric B & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
Eric B & Rakim - Run For Cover
Freak L - Line For Line
Freak L - When The Pen Hits The Paper
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - (Triple M Is In Effect) We're Back Y'all
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Coolin' On The Ave

Strictly Paul C pt2

G-Dane - Coolest Of The Cool
G-Dane - Puerto Rican Girl
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B - Keep On Doin'
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B - Listen To The Man
Kid Flash - Mind Your Business
Live N' Effect Posse - I'm A Soulman
Live N' Effect Posse - I'm Getting Physical
Live N' Effect Posse - We Got A Message In Our Music
Live N' Effect Posse - We Got To Get Paid
Main Source - Atom
Main Source - Think
Marauder & The Fury - Get Loose Mother Goose
Marauder & The Fury - Terminator
MC Outloud - Clean & Sober
MC Outloud - I'll Put A Hurten
MC Tatiana - Mission To Rock
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Bust A Rhyme Mike
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Comin' In The House
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Dawn
Mikey D & The LA Posse - I Get Rough
Mikey D & The LA Posse - My Telephone
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Out Of Control
Phase & Rhythm - Brainfood
Phase & Rhythm - Hyperactive

Strictly Paul C pt3

Princess Ivori - Boy What A Night
Princess Ivori - Crackpipe (Changed It All)
Queen Latifah feat Monie Love - Ladies First
Rappers On A Mission - S.O.L.O.
Simply Too Positive - Cooling One Day (Demo)
Simply Too Positive - International Arrival (Demo)
Simply Too Positive - Mind Over Matter (Demo)
Spicey Ham - Sex, Sex & More Sex
Spicey Ham - You Never Heard Of Me & I Never Heard Of You
Sport G & Mastermind - Live
Sport G & Mastermind - Louder
Stezo - Freak The Funk
Stezo - It's My Turn
Stezo - To The Max
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Do The James
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Get's No Deeper
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - I Gotta Good Thing (Remix)
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Romeo
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova
The Heartbeat Brothers - Bring In The Bassline
The Heartbeat Brothers - Can We Do This
The Heartbeat Brothers - Time To Get Paid

Strictly Paul C pt4

The Mic Profesah - Bust The Format
The Mic Profesah - Cry Freedom
The Rangers - I'm Hot
The Rangers - Jack's On Crack
The Ultimate Choice - And I Love It
The Ultimate Choice - How I'm Livin'
The Ultimate Choice - Keep It On
The Ultimate Choice - Set It Off
The Ultimate Choice - You Can't Front (We Will Rock You)
Too Poetic - God Made Me Funky
Too Poetic - Poetical Terror
Trio Connection - Astoria Is In The House
Trio Connection - Got To Get Funky
Trio Connection - Lover Girl
Trio Connection - The Dope Beat
Trio Connection - The Duck
Ultramagnetic MCs - A Chorus Line
Ultramagnetic MCs - Give The Drummer Some
Ultramagnetic MCs - Moe Luv's Theme
Ultramagnetic MCs - Travelling At The Speed Of Thought
Ultramagnetic MCs - Watch Me Now

Password - defandstupid

Paul also did significant work on the following LPs -

Stezo - Crazy Noise

Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Beatdown

Black Rock & Ron - Stop The World

Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud - Girls I Got 'Em Locked

Biz Markie - Biz Never Sleeps

Mikey C & The LA Posse - Better Late Than Never

Paul's work with the Mandolindley Roadshow can be heard here & here.

Here is a list of the tracks we were unable to include -

360° - Pelon / The Producer Speaks

Queen Latifah - A King & Queen Creation

Two Shades Of Black - Surrender / Flaunt It

Princess Ivori - Q.I.E. (Get Down)

Almighty Marski - Leader of the Force

YSL & D Dubb - No Stoppin

Kid Flash - Havin' Fun

MC Tatiana - Back Up Jack

All The Way - She Dropped A Dime On Me

Double Dose - Envious

Trio Connection - It's A Hit

Trio Connection - Mystery Girl / Keep On Dancin'

If anyone out there can supply these for part 5 we would be eternally grateful, also needed are the infamous photo of Paul in a Stetson & the other tracks from the S.T.P. demo, Paul C to the organisms !

(And don't dare front if we missed something, or if a certain track wasn't decent enough quality, or if I stupidly happened to forget to flip the 360° joint (unless you are called 157). Flair happens to be in war mode son, and it won't take much to make me Hulk up. Just leave a polite comment & we can all get along happily).

Anyway, maybe the hardness of these joints got to me (maybe not the Black Rock & Ron remix though), maybe it's knowing that Paul's killer was never found, maybe it's because 1212 burned down (As much as I love Ultra, I also like the metal bands that played in the same building), maybe it's because it's dark & wet outside, maybe it's because "Coolin' On The Ave" sounds horrible on mp3, maybe it's because I couldn't find more Kid Flash joints, maybe it's because Paul's brother Tim ended up on Puff "Twat" Daddy tracks, maybe it's because Keith has used so many shit Bontempi beats, maybe a combination of all of these that has put me in the mood I am right now (battle head on)........

But all that shit needs to go out of the window because the last thing I want to do is let my mood disrespect Paul's memory, this is about the legend of one man in New York who did more for the music we love than most of us will ever understand. Thank you homeboy.

Rest in Peace Paul McKasty

And if you want to know more about Paul C, as I have said, here & here are good places to start.

Shouts to 157, Murmurdonz, The Def Offenders & the entire Strictly Biz famalam.

"A Fly Tramp, That's What She Called Me"

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back In Business

We're doing it to ya once again.
Back with the boom baps, once again at the Silver Bullet - Finsbury Park, London.
With some names from Strictly Biz's past, present & future.
Lots of dope stuff once again, highlights will include the ever dependable Ivy Feed, Deceptakut & Sonny Delight all rocking the wheels of steel, Kissy K & DJ Snuff with the End Of The Weak MC challenge, Y-Etizm will be rocking the MPC for an entire set, Phoenix Da Icefire makes his triumphant return to Strictly Biz-O-Niz as Solar Black featuring Black Chronicle, then the cherry on the cake is the phenomenal Stig Of The Dump, who played with the SB crew way back.
Go look at the Facebook page for more details.
8pm til 3:30 am, so that over seven hours of listening/dancing/drinking/posing,
£5 after 9pm, free before 9, yes, FREE ! We like to give back/Each one - teach one/Treadmill.
We don't do this to make money, we do it because we love hip hop, and you will feel that vibe at our shows.
Hopefully it won't rain, because the roof is gonna get torn off once again.
Remember, the S to the B, Strictly Business at the Silver Bullet,
So, get yourself there on Friday the 30th of August & enjoy the beats, the booze, and um, the beats again.
Piss easy to find us, we're dead opposite the Finsbury Park tube.

That's my waffling anyway, here's the official word from Selector Squires. ->


"For all those Hip Hop fans that love the Boom Bap flavor, these shows are not to be missed!” (WORDPLAY MAGAZINE)


The Hip Hop Party That Galvanizes The Golden Era


2X EOW WORLD MC Challenge CHAMPION steps up to let us hear a few fresh/classic tracks and drop some freestyles for the Strictly Business family. Check out Stig's recently released compilation on Lewis Recordings 'Record 1'. Be quick to grab a copy of the limited run [only 300 made worldwide, w/ hand made covers] featuring the best of Stig Of The Dump's previous releases, featured for the first time on Vinyl.

The global Hip-Hop movement 'End Of The Weak' brings its MC Challenge to Strictly Business where 4 MCs will compete for a place in the UK final in September! Past champions have included Stig Of The Dump & Tenchoo. International competitors have included Immortal Technique & Pumpkinhead & loads more heavy hitters. This is NOT a battle, the MC challenge test all disciplines of the MC art-form from crowd interaction to wordplay, from cipher skills to freestyle, from slam acappella to flowing on varying rhythms, and from performance to originality.

Solar Black aka Phoenix Da Icefire showcases sounds from his soon to be released new album “Winged Scarabz”

Turntablist, Remixer, Mashup DJ - Brace yourself as the DMC female finalist brings us back to the beat BIGTIME.

2010 UK Dmc Supremacy Champion, 2011 UK Dmc Supremacy Runner Up, 2012 UK Dmc Supremacy Runner Up, I Dj for Rhyme Asylum and Phoenix Da Icefire

Super sounds from the master of the MPC....


Free before 9pm / £5.00 after.
08:00pm – 03:30am

Sail the sea of sound 7 days a week at The Silver Bullet
The Silver Bullet
5 Station Place
N4 2DH
Nearest tube: Finsbury Park (directly opposite station)

Happy Hour Drinks -> 6-8pm.
£2.50 cans of Red Stripe
£2.50 House Spirit & Mixer
£2.50 Small Glass of House Wine.


Shouts to the End Of The Weak crew, and as always Selector Squires.

"So Make Sure You Look Sharp Or Get Stabbed Up With My Point Of View"

Monday, 19 August 2013

Def Offenders - Coming Soon..............

Go here for tickets.

"Right, does that mean there will be noise or there won't be noise ?"

Monday, 17 June 2013

Strictly Hot

Hello people.
It's been a while since we've dropped a jew-ell on you, so to speak. In fact, this is the first shits of the year.
So, your boy Flair & the Strictly Business famalamadingdong are bringing to you another seasonal swagbag (not schwagbag).
As it's actually been a nice day it's about time we gave you a follow up to last years epic Strictly Summer.
As the (slightly shit) logo above says, this years shit is all about hotness, in fact, to quote Alan Partridge - "It's hotter than the sun", this is Strictly Hot.
And bloody well hot it is, a fine selection of tracks for your lugs, to pump at your swanky garden parties (or, like me - skanky yard parties).
This here selection is mainly reggae & assorted breaks, due to me not being able to think of many decent hip hop tracks with 'hot' in the title, in fact you might notice a few fillers, nevermind, there are some double dope joints here, and everything else is nice enough.
Some very interesting tracks I say I say, a few library & soundtrack bangers, a couple of rock tunes, lots of funk, plus the aforementioned reggae & hippity hop.
Plus a few silly ones.
If anyone out there can think of any good hip hop tracks with 'Hot' in the title, let us know and I will add them, but i'm fucked if I can think of any.
To be honest, i've smoked a bit too much and therefore can't really be bothered to do a proper write up, so instead here are some pretty black & white pictures for you to look at. (The Heatwave one is for my homeblud Skar).


Strictly Business presents
Strictly Hot

Part I

Alan Hawkshaw - Hot Pants
Barbara Moore - Hot Heels
Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold
Big Youth - Hot Cross Bun
Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants... I'm Coming, Coming, I'm Coming
Charlie Chaplin - We Hot
Daddy Freddy - Hot
Diamond D ft Sadat X & Stacy Epps - When Ur Hot Ur Hot
Eek-A-Mouse - Stadium Hot
Funkadelic - Red Hot Mama
Heatwave - Too Hot To Handle
I Roy - Hot Stuff
Jimmy Bo Horne - You Get Me Hot
Kay Gee The All - My Record Is Hot
King Everald - Hot Country Gal
Lee Mason - Hot Pants
Lord Sassafrass - Hot Spurs On The Ball
Papa San - When It Hot
Prince Mohammed - Some Like It Hot
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Hot Barbeque
Ranking Joe - Hotter Claps Clap Well Hot
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud - Come & Get Me While I'm Hot
The J.B's - Hot Pants Road
The Revolutionaries - Hot Steppers Dub
Welton Irie - Hotter Reggae Music

Part II

Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels
B.E.B. - Hot Dog
Black Oak Arkansas - Hot & Nasty
Captain Sinbad - Hotter Reggae Music
De La Soul - Peas Porridge Hot
Early B - Hot Up Bout Ya
Foxy - Hot Number
General Echo - Hot Reggae Music
Grandmaster Hot Day - Hot Day Is Burning
Harrell & Sharron Lucky - Pease Porridge Hot
James Brown - Hot Pants
Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot
Junior Delgado & Hugh Brown - Hot Shot
Lee Perry - City Too Hot
MF Doom & MC Paul Barman - Hot Guacamole
Mighty Diamonds - Well Hot
Phillip Samuels - Hot Stick Version
Poets Of Rhythm - Hotpie's Popcorn, Pt.1
Ranking Ann - Hot!Hot!Hot!
Ranking Toyan - Hot Reggae Music
Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff
The Soul Lifters - Hot Funky & Sweaty
U Brown - Hotter Reggae Music
Wyze Mindz ft Savage Brothers - So Hott
Yellowman - Me Hot

Password - defandstupid

"Hot Stuff, Really Rough & Tough, That's No Bluff"

Monday, 13 May 2013

Strictly Skitz

 From a few months back, February to be exact.
 Headlining our [STRICTLY BUSINESS] shindig at the Silver Bullet we have the mighty Skitz & Profit.
 Just a taster of the vibes you can expect from our live shows.

Last weeks show was huge, so thanks to all involved.
More live dopeness coming soon from [STRICTLY BUSINESS].

Oh yeah, other stuff coming soon too, as soon as I get my thumb out my bum.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Strictly Silver Bullet

Party peopleeeeee, party peopleeeeee.
Once again the devestating crew known as [STRICTLY BUSINESS] are back on the scene with another one of our double dope jams.
We have another fine line up this time around, in fact, fuck that, fine is not the word.. Maybe superfine....... Yeah, that'll do.
I could run through the line up, but that might divert attentions away from our swanky flyer (above(obviously)).
However, Dookie Squad, Criminal Minds & UK legends Killa Instinct !!! The roof will be on fire.
(Notice to Finsbury Park Health & Safety : The roof will not literally be on fire).
Suffice to say, it's a quality line up, no dizout. You would be a ninny to miss out.

The venue is dead opposite the Finsbury Park tube, and it's only a bluey blud, in fact if you get there before 10pm it's totally free, lovely jubbly.
So do the right thing ! (Turn up at five past ten so we can get your quids).
Anyway, the Silver Bullet is a dope place with many tasty beverages, and if you happen to be a smoker you can still see the stage from outside, so you could puff away all night and not miss a thing (unless the paint fumes get you first).

The Facebook page with all the info you need is here.
Plus for a little tasty treat, go to the Strictly Business London Soundcloud page here,where you will find some sets from previous shows.

So, anyway, dope line up, dope venue, dope painters and dope music all night.

That's the Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park on the 10th of May.

Big shout out once again to Selector Squires for putting in mad work.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Strictly U.K.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
Strictly Biz dun did it again.
We are back with our first live session of 2013.
Damn straight we put on some uberdope shows last year, but we might have slightly neglected the UK heads.
No more.
We have a super sweet line up for all you Brit boom bappers this time around.

Headlining we have a bit of a UK legend. It's the man Skitz with Profit.
When this boy hits the stage the place gets torn apart, plus this is the LP debut, so best believe this is gonna be mad large.
Then, from the (original) home of Strictly Business we have the fantastic Chrome & Illinspired.
These guys are East coast phenoms, dope rhymes & Fat Hop.
Also representing the East coast we have the mighty D.P.F.
Dude has been making his presence felt in a big way recently, taking out all suckers.
210 will also be in the house, and the whole event will be hosted by homeboy David J.
And last, but certainly not least, from the Strictly Business famalam we have my boys DJ EveR & Sonny Delight.
Plus the Read & Weep crew will be making thing look pretty.

Once again, this huge night will be at the Silver Bullet - Finsbury Park.
It's on Friday Feb 22nd, get your tickets here. Only £6 if you book in advance, you can't go wrong.

Go here for the event page on Facebook.
And while you're there, go here for the new [STRICTLY BUSINESS] page.

OK, now for a little taster of what to expect, here you can have a listen to our last two shows -

Lords Of The Underground -

Jeru The Damaja -

As i've said before, the venue is incredibly easy to find, it's directly opposite to Finsbury Park tube station.
It's a dope line up at a bargain price, don't be a sissy sucker, get your tickets now.

"Flip & Twist The Words Like My Lungs Are Double Jointed"

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Strictly Christmas 2012

Yes yes people, it's that time of year again.
The time Flair likes to eat, drink & smoke hearty amounts.......
Oh hang on, that's all year innit.
Nevermind, anyway as you may well know, Strictly Business likes to give you all a little present.
OK, well the bad news is that I couldn't get enough tracks together for a 2012 installment of Strictly Christmas. (Booooooo)
But the good news is that both Strictly Christmas 2010 & Strictly Christmas 2011 are both back in business, so anyone that missed them can enjoy some of the finest festive tracks old Father Flair could find. (Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy)

As well as that, i'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but me & my boy Chestwigz have recorded a Christmas joint for your listening pleasure (or not).
This was an interesting project, during the recording I was able to be a little bit sick over a Roots LP.
With the star studded lineup on the track I am fairly sure that we have a Christmas number on on our hands here, and I want to make it clear that all proceeds will be donated to charity, probably something to do with cats or treadmills.

Ric Flair & Chestwigz feat Rolf Harris, Louis Armstrong & Captain Party - Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas & a happy new year to everyone out there,
Peace & goodwill to the Ageing B-Boys & the Antisocial crew.
Special seasonal shout to the Strictly Business crew in Brighton/Bury/Norwich.
Christmas cheer to my crew -
Sonny Delight, DJ Friendly, DJ Ever, Selector Squires, Professor Breakz, DJ Benz, Dirty Dent, Chestwigz, Urban Roulette, Albert RhymeSwine, Vinnie Vagabond, Jim Breaze, MonoXcyde, Talon, King Tut, The Kule MC, Loxli, Skar, Piv-Ski, The Class Clownz, The Kings Lynnguists and the entire Phukkin' Kuntz clan.

Don't forget to tune in to the Strictly Business Christmas special,
27th of December at 8pm on Regal Radio.

Huge things coming from the Strictly Business crew in 2013.
Keep it locked right here - Strictly Biz.

"In A B-Boy Stance With A Paper Crown"

Monday, 10 December 2012

Strictly Radio

Just a quick post to let you all know that the Strictly Business radio show is on this, and every Thursday on Regal Radio.

This weeks show features MF Doom, Big L, the Class Clownz, the Kings Lynnguists, The Roots, Buro Banton, Nicodemus, Lone Ranger, Steely Dan, The Commodores, plus plenty more dope tracks.

Get in touch with us at for shout outs, requests or whatever.

The show is on from 8pm til 9pm, you can tune in here. Word.

If you miss the show, you can grab a copy here.

"The Mic's In My Hand & The Cheeba's In My Pocket"

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Strictly Business Live

Just to show you all how we roll, here are a couple of videos from one of our shows a few months back.

Lords Of The Underground at Strictly Business.

"Whaaahhh, Gaga, Ooh Cries The Baby"

Monday, 19 November 2012

Strictly Damajing

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night and welcome back to Strictly Business.
It's that time again, Strictly Biz are putting on a show, oh yes we are.
This one is gonna be gigantic.
As you can see from our swanky flyer, we have the dirty rotten scoundrel himself, Jeru The Damaja.
It's on the 6th of December at our regular Finsbury Park venue - The Silver Bullet.
This one is going to be an almighty boom banger of a night without doubt.
Get your tickets here.

Here's all the info from Selector Squires -

The sun rises in Finsbury Park on the 6th December as The Silver Bullet sees [Strictly Business] set the stage. The Lords of the Underground packed out the 200 capacity venue in September and on the 6th December they have the dirty rotten scoundrel himself...Jeru The Damaja. Expect tickets to sell out as the hip-hop legend lands in the most intimate venue of his tour. This is no typical concert show; the Strictly Business crew bring the old school vibes back in a big way, allowing fans to get up close and personal with the good guys from the golden era whilst showcasing up and coming artists. There’s non-stop action from 7pm until 4am with over 5 other acts gracing the stage and live graffiti from the Read And Weap crew. Here’s a little more about what’s in store;

JERU THE DAMAJA - Brooklyn, NY – Gang Starr Foundation

Jeru the Damaja (born Jeru Davis) aka D. Original Dirty Rotten Scoundrel was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn where the everyday occurrences around him from an early age later became the source from which his rhymes flow. Jeru created and took on the persona of “the Damaja” (because he damages the mic) that is part conscious truth teller and part true to the streets Brooklyn hard rock. Jeru the Damaja hooked up with DJ Premiere and Guru, collectively known as Gangstarr, shortly after they moved to New York on the late 1980’s. Since his 1994 debut instant classic album The Sun Rises In The East, Jeru has continued to command respect from everyone with even a vague interest in hip hop - never compromising a shed of credibility in carving an 18 year career consisting of 5 top albums and regular incredible collaborations with Guru and DJ Premier.

PHOENIX DA ICEFIRE w/Black Chronicle & DJ Deceptakut

He tore the stage up with M9 back at Strictly Business #1, has recently worked with Chemo, Klashnekoff, Keith Murray, Dan Gough from Terra Firma to name a few. This boy is back and means business…

DJ DISTER - Berlin - Born 2 Roll [FULL AV SET]

His night Born2Roll has now invaded Berlin with that golden era hip-hop mentality and regularly hosts the cream of U.S rappers. Now this turntable wrecking, train-bombing beat junkie has come to London to remind you why you loved the boom bap in the first place. Expect a razor sharp mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, and Latin beats, from old to new.

GALAXY HIGH - Grand District

The Swedish born activist, artist & cultural ambassador Galaxy High will hit the stage to showcase his soon to be released EP Blast Ave which ft. Pete Rock, CL Smooth, DJ Premier & Gift of the Gab. Expect a unique blend of Jazz infused with African Rhythms & Senegambia sounds.

SONNY DELIGHT & DJ EveR - Strictly Biz Co-founders & Resident DJs

They'll be diggin deep into their 20-year collection to bring you the best strictly dusted classics & surprise instrumental business.

MUSKUT BEATS - Filth and flaunt / SK!NT

Hackney Based DJ/Producer Muskut Beats has supported Skinnyman, Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump & Warrior Queen. He’ll hit the decks to bring you the best of best beats, rhymes & baselines all wrapped in a badass bow.

So, that's all you need to know.
It's gonna be an ultradope night, so don't miss out, get your tickets now.

"Super Scientifical Madness"

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Notice To The D.M.C.A.

We have been notified that we were infringing on copyright with a particular song that was played on a radio show featured on this blog.
The show (Reggae Music Again) which played the track in question (God Nah Sleep by Chino) and the post containing it (Strictly Supabadsounds) have both been deleted.
We apologise for any problems we have caused and we thank the copyright holders, the D.M.C.A. & Blogger for bringing this to our attention.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Just a quickie people.
It's the halloween special of 'The Hip Hop Show' with the multitalented Vinnie Vagabond.
I haven't got the tracklist to hand, but expect spooky classics & unsigned East coast mania.
As always, Vinnie's show is every Wednesday on Regal Radio, always playing a fine selection.
You can grab the halloween special of the show here.
More on the radio tip soon from our supabad selector DJ Benz.
Keep it strict.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Cold Running It

It's not often your boy Flair puts his own joints up on this here blog, as you may or may not know I am an MC, as well as a (slack) DJ & (lazy) producer.
I prefer to keep my stuff deeply underground, but this particular track deserves an airing here.
A Strictly Business joint production, Sonny Delight on the beat, Professor Breakz on the cut and myself on the mic.
The beat was originally going to be a skit on a future Sonny D release, but I wasn't having it. It was far too dope for that, so after months of pushing & prodding my man finally extended the beat for me. Cheers buh.
So all was good, or so it seemed, problem was when it came to the cuts I failed badly, several times.
Then the mental fingered skills of Breakz came and saved the day.
See what you think.

Props to my talented crew, big things to come from Strictly Biz soon.
Watch this space.

"I Recite Concisely, Rock The Shit Nicely"

Friday, 2 November 2012

East Coast Rocks

Right now the Strictly Business crew have their dirty fingers in plenty o' pie.
Alongside all the other cool things going on, we have some dope new radio shows for your listening pleasure.
First off it's my man Vinnie Vagabond with the grandly titled 'Hip Hop Show' on Regal Radio.
You can catch him every Wednesday from 9-10pm.
Right here we have the wicked first show from 24/10/12.
The first half of the show is a splendid selection of classic UK tracks, the second half is rammed with quality local unsigned hip hop (including yours truly).

You can listen to the first half here -

And the second half here -

Or you can download both parts here.

If you have any requests, or are an unsigned UK hip hop artist & would like to request your stuff being played you can contact Vinnie at

Here's the playlist -

Part I
Hijack - Doomsday Of Rap .
Mad Doctor X - Deejays & Emcees (Remix).
Katch 22 - Lifestyles Of The Poor & Ruffneck.
London Posse - My Beatbox Reggae Style.
Shut Up and Dance- This Town Needs a Sheriff .
Asher D and Daddy Freddy- Raggamuffin Hip Hop.

Part II
Chrome and Ill Iinspired - UK Outro.
Soldjasouls - Big Kahunas.
The Phukkin' Kuntz - Fly Like a Parrot.
TSK & Oscar - Samuel L Jackson.
Laplucas - Fist For My Freedom.
Falcon Burnz & Melph - That's Entertainment.
Def Tex - Rock The Beat.
Vinnie Vagabond - The Hip Hop Show Jingle.
MonoXcyde - I'm MonoXcyde.

The first track on part II is particularly dope, crazy stuff from Norwich's finest. A kind of UK 'Jackin' For Beats'. Ferocious stuff.
That's it for now, more niceness soon right here.

"To All That's Earning & Sensi Burning"