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Strictly Beatbox - Volume 3

"Cause when you get a chance you're making beats with your mouth"

Okey dokey, off we go with volume three of Strictly Beatbox, A slight change in content this time around, a little bit lighter on the beatboxing and a little bit heavier on the drum machines, but obviously all def. These are generally more 'joints with human beatbox bits' rather than your full blown proper 'human beatbox joints', with a few exceptions.

Starting us off for this third volume are the returning Bad Boys with K Love once again on the beatbox on the self titled "Bad Boys", maybe not quite up to the blazing ignunt dopeness of their previous entry but still a decent joint, newer heads appear to dig this because of the Inspector Gadget melody, it's like having the entire 1980s in one song ! (for silly billys anyway).
Next up we have Captain Rock with "The Pure" which is a kind of instrumental\beatbox version of "Cosmic Blast", listen up yo, The Captain probably should be listened to by everybody, everyday, and he might actually be God, so make sure that you crank it and consider it some form of worship if you are that way inclined.
DMX & Just Ice are here again with the classic jam "Latoya", giving out some handy advice for both the male & female of the species, "Yo, stop fronting, and use your head", another timeless winner.

Boston's White Boy Crew consisting of MC Popeye & Beatbox Spinach make their contribution here with the jolly "Popeye Rap", yet another tale about a meeting with a girl. Well.... MC Popeye doesn't sound much like Popeye, but he definitely looks the part with "My pipe in my mouth and my muscles on my arm" plus Reeboks & a lumberjack jacket, That's a fresh look bro !
Then we've got the third Strictly Beatbox entry from B-Boy Records' supreme The Brothers with the hard hitting and uberdope "I Got Rhythm", trust me on this one, this is a serious joint, superheavy beats, quality rhymes and lovely beatbox, hip hop greatness.
And Beatmaster T lays down beats a plenty on MC Chill's "Downbeats", (pity you gotta put up with that wicky wack nursery rhyme singing bird, Chill was definitely ahead of his time there unfortunately), another dope track with more 'Sanford & Son'. They love it.
C'mon everybody "You - You - You Big Dummy"

'The Magnificent' DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince make their third Strictly Beatbox appearance with the superb Ready Rock C on "Human Video Game", where our boy Willy saves his pennies by listening to Ready Rock do the Donkey Kong instead of playing it, the tight fisted bugger !
J Fresh & the DBL Crew are back with "Party Life", not a large amount of beatboxing on this one but it still gets included here, mainly because DBL were the fucking tits and deserve to be heard & appreciated.
The Biz is here once again with "Biz Beat", another heavily sampled joint which is labeled as being by Roxanne Shanté (who obviously had a habit of not appearing on tracks with her name on, the little fibber).
No beatbox human beat box compilation could ever be complete without the legend that is Doug E Fresh, so again we have two tracks by the man they call 'The World's Greatest Entertainer', with the P.C. Crew on "Dougee Fresh vs. The Beat Box" (Which was apparently released without Doug's permission), and with his own "Just Having Fun" (Which was featured on Streetsounds Electro 6, giving it legendary status in my neck of the woods !).

Making her escape from the 'Roxanne Wars' compilation a few posts down is Tanganyika a.k.a. Little Roxanne with "She's Got The Beat" , Tangy was a mic veteran at this stage of her remarkable career and she delivers us another slice of her unmistakable 'sounds like a kid rapping' rapping, whilst human beatbox Rahjeeb busts his lips to everyone's delight .
Then we have Strictly Biz hero Funkmaster Wizard Wiz, once again with his boy The Amazing Nubox, weighing up the pros & cons of the pipe on the schizophrenic original version of the party rocker "Crack It Up", from the ever popular mid '80s 'Crack' genre.

Speaking of which, next up we have a special appearance by Human Beat Box King Lamont ‘Kendu’ James on Goldie's "Crack Kid", I can honestly say that I haven't smoked any crack whatsoever since hearing this track, or done the 'Sissy Rock', so thanks for the helpful advice Goldie, and remember kids - "Leave That Crack Alone".
Next up - "The Master Of The Bass Is Here To Rock The Spot", that's right people, it's the man they call Steve Justice & The Afro Rican Connection, smurfing it up on the dope "It's Live". Yet another beautiful union of the drum machine & the human beatbox, aaaahhhh, don't they make a lovely couple.

Getting fed up with beatboxing yet ? Kydd Freshh has definitely had enough of 'The Human Beat Breath' Short Fat Sally on the dope "You're A Pest". As far as I am aware this was the first reported case of 'Beatbox Stalking' (sadly now an all too common occurrence), Poor Kydd Freshh is followed everywhere he goes by Sally, who beatboxes "24\7, 8 Days A Week", even behind closed doors the unhappy Kydd can "Still Hear The Bass". Hey yo, it's got beatboxing & drum machines, plus Cash Money's on it, and it's on that label that had a fanny in a pie, what else could you ask for ?

Once again we have the crew known as R.M.G. (Who later somehow morphed into the College Boyz) and the ever fresh human beatbox Squeaky G with a joint called "Don't Drop The Soap", i'm sure you get the idea from the title. Not quite up to the (incredibly high) standards set by their previous Strictly Beatbox entries, but still dope nonetheless.
Our next artistes may well have one of the most elaborate and 'quite frankly' (Copyright © - Vince McMahon) brilliant names of all time - It's Mr Tuxedo n' The Floor Takers featuring King Flash-Champ and Gary The Beat Box Kid ! Honestly, i'm not making this up ! (Did they have Fat Lace's random old school name generator handy at the time ?). Anyway, it's about shoes and it's dope.
One Love Gary.

Next in line from Hollis - Queens we have the legendary Run DMC & Jam Master Jay royally rocking it with the high ruling "Hit It Run", Jay busts it on the tables (obviously), while D rocks the rhymes solo style and lets Run get busy with the beatbox on the chorus.
Our final track for this third installment of Strictly Beatbox is from the much missed Profile label with "The Real Grandmaster" by the minimalistically named The Two, featuring the man that we're concerned with here - Mouth-A-Matic. A splendid piece from the 'Our DJ Is Better Than Yours' category. Plenty of '80s style cutting & scratching, chunky beats, silly Addams Family bit, top quality rhymes & our boy Mouth rocking the beatbox.

That's part three done & dusted then, but we ain't fucking abaaht here, more absolute beauties yet to come this way, stay tuned....

Strictly Business presents
Strictly Beat Box - volume 3

Bad Boys featuring K Love - Bad Boys
Captain Rock - The Pure
DBL Crew - Party Life
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Human Video Game
Doug E Fresh - Just Having Fun
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Crack It Up
Goldie - Crack Kid
Just Ice - Latoya
MC Chill - Downbeats
Mr Tuxedo & The Floor Takers - Name Brand Sneakers
P.C. Crew - Dougee Fresh vs. The Beat Box
R.M.G. - Don't Drop The Soap
Roxanne Shanté - Biz Beat
Run DMC - Hit It Run
Short Fat Sally - You're A Pest
Tanganyika – She's Got The Beat
The Afro Rican Connection - It's Live
The Brothers - I Got Rhythm
The Two - The Real Grandmaster
White Boy Crew - Popeye Rap

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