Thursday, 11 June 2009

Here We Go Yo !

Alright now
Y'all obviously know Scenario, from Tribe's Low End Theory LP.
Without doubt one of the all time greatest posse cuts.
The original is obviously the shit - no question,
And all the remixs were mad tight.
But there was a rumour around for a loooong time about another version, with different verses & other MCs. When the first Ego Trip book came out about 10 years ago, there was a piece on verses removed from recordings.
Well, this isn't strictly the case, there are 2 other versions of Scenario out there, either from an earlier recording attempt, or possibly from the same session.
Yep, different verses (only slightly in some cases tho'), Yep, more MCs, we also got members of De La & Black Sheep up in it along with Tribe & The Leaders Of The New.
The main sample is slightly different,but from the same song, and those stupid def boom bap Hendrix drums are still in there.
Strictly Business have got a big posse cut on the way, coming soon to a boom box near you. That got me to thinking about putting these little gems up here.
I can't actually remember where I originally got these from, so peace to whoever put them out in the first place, They are super dope (sound quality aside).
Anyways, enough rambling & shit - Here they are.

"Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh"


  1. i swear that is live. not a recorded track. did see a 12" though by ATCQ and it had a remix on it i have never heard of. it was from a movie. peace.

  2. Fucking Nora Friendly,
    Firstly, what do you mean, you "did see a 12"",
    Bro, you own the 12", i've seen it at your house. Sonny's got it too, it's got at least 2 remixs on it.
    Secondly, this isn't live. It's from a recording session. You can hear that when everybody sings "Here we go yo.....e.t.c.", that's the vocals they used on the final mix.
    No idea what the movie version is tho.


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