Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lords Business

Yes yes y'all, Strictly Business live is back again & in E.F.F.E.C.T.
First off, this is what our super duper promoter has to say -

Lords of the Underground Live in London!
The most intimate gig of their 20th Anniversary Tour

On Saturday the 15th September the good guys from the ‘golden era’ of hip-hop will grace the Silver Bullet stage as part of their 2012 20th Anniversary Tour. Don’t miss the most intimate gig of the decade- as the Lords land in this 200 CAPACITY venue for one night only. Tickets will fly so form an orderly queue. Let me introduce ya’ll to the fabulous 3…

Newark, NJ's Doitall, Mr. Funke and Cleveland-native DJ Lord Jazz released their debut album, Here Come The Lords back in 1993 with production handled by Marley Marl & K-Def.The album featured five charting singles, including the group’s signature song, "Chief Rocka". After a successful launch the trio went on to release Keepers of the Funk, Resurrection and House of the Lords.Though their name might imply violent gangsta rap, Lords of the Underground match socially conscious raps with hard hitting beats. Together their union has become part of Hip Hop History. Hear their NEW SET live, loud and clear – with support from DJ DISTER, DJ SNUFF & female DMC finalist IVY FEED.

Word to that Hayley, you get mad props girl.

Now, this the deal.
The Lords hit hard in the early/mid 90s and their debut LP was an undisputed banger,
Everybody knows 'Chief Rocka' cos that joint is crazy dope to this day.
The crew has without doubt paid their dues over the years , but now they're back back with a new LP produced by the god known as Marley Marl.
So you can't go wrong, you'll get to hear all the fresh Marley joints, plus all the classics like 'Chief Rocka', 'Funky Child', 'What I'm After', 'Here Come The Lords, e.t.c.
Now, as it says above, we only have 200 tickets, and a large amount have been sold already, so get here now & snap 'em up while you still can, also check the Facebook page here.
Personally, your boy Flair loves to see a good hip hop show in a small venue, it's dope to be up close & personal, the Silver Bullet has a wicked atmosphere and I can assure you that the Lords will tear the roof off.

Take a behind the scenes look here as they prepare their 20th anniversary album.

For a little taster of what to expect...........

"Here Come The Lords"

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