Monday, 6 May 2013

Strictly Silver Bullet

Party peopleeeeee, party peopleeeeee.
Once again the devestating crew known as [STRICTLY BUSINESS] are back on the scene with another one of our double dope jams.
We have another fine line up this time around, in fact, fuck that, fine is not the word.. Maybe superfine....... Yeah, that'll do.
I could run through the line up, but that might divert attentions away from our swanky flyer (above(obviously)).
However, Dookie Squad, Criminal Minds & UK legends Killa Instinct !!! The roof will be on fire.
(Notice to Finsbury Park Health & Safety : The roof will not literally be on fire).
Suffice to say, it's a quality line up, no dizout. You would be a ninny to miss out.

The venue is dead opposite the Finsbury Park tube, and it's only a bluey blud, in fact if you get there before 10pm it's totally free, lovely jubbly.
So do the right thing ! (Turn up at five past ten so we can get your quids).
Anyway, the Silver Bullet is a dope place with many tasty beverages, and if you happen to be a smoker you can still see the stage from outside, so you could puff away all night and not miss a thing (unless the paint fumes get you first).

The Facebook page with all the info you need is here.
Plus for a little tasty treat, go to the Strictly Business London Soundcloud page here,where you will find some sets from previous shows.

So, anyway, dope line up, dope venue, dope painters and dope music all night.

That's the Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park on the 10th of May.

Big shout out once again to Selector Squires for putting in mad work.

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