Friday, 1 November 2013

Strictly Jane

The J to the A to the N to the E !

Welcome once again to Strictly Business.
You should all be glad that after my rather large rant on the Paul C thing I have returned to my usual peace loving self, so sorry to anybody who was offended by my borderline musical fascism, I just really really love hip hop & feel that it needs protecting. Anyway, i'm cool now.
Now, regular readers may remember a piece a few years back on a girl (or girls/e.t.c.) called Roxanne.
Well, that was a saga about a girl that went on & on & on, however within a couple of years it was all over & done with.
But this here saga has been going on for 20 odd years, (plus it may not be finished yet) and it's about a girl called Jane.

Now you may well have noticed our appreciation of EPMD here at Strictly Biz, obviously we weren't gonna name our crew after some wack shit now were we. (We had enough wack names in the past).
Erick & Parrish are without doubt one of hip hop's greatest groups of all time, and in your boy Flair's opinion, hip hop's most consistently dope album droppers, I defy anyone to find anybody with their first 5 LPs to be as strong as EPMD's. (Rakim, G Rap & Gangstarr are up there, but not 5 in a row, not even Public Enemy).

However, what we are presenting here is not a selection of EPMD's best tracks, rather a selection of some of their weirdest.
Far from being a seamless set of stories, what we get is the funky but heavily disjointed saga of the infamous Jane.

Things start out fairly straightforward, but rapidly decend into some bizarre stories about a familiar sounding girl (?) with ever freakier tendencies & an ever changing hairstyle that resembles popular R&B singers.
The P double E-MD & the Green Eyed (i'm not even saying it) Bandit get themselves into some wonky situations, although it does mainly seem to be their fault (bearing in mind that if I happen to see a local "Jane" I do a swifty runner), even after the first couple of tracks I would be very wary, but after she had returned from the dead I would be thafuckouttathere ! But even after that they didn't seem to learn their lesson,
But Erick & Parrish's ho woes are our entertainment, kinda like a hip hop Jeremy Kyle show.

I'm not gonna go into the specific details of each track, partly because you can do that for yourselves, but mainly because I can't be arsed.
Anyway, this exists as a Strictly Business quickie because it didn't require mad research/memory/tune hunting, expect more of these in the future along with the regular stuff.
Sorry to Drew & the Fat Lace crew for biting your pics, I did actually bite them from someone who had already bitten them from you, so I need shark teeth at the minute.

It's now been 5 years since we've heard anything from Jane, but i'm guessing that she's still out there & hopefully we will find out what the (probably wrinkled) girl has been up to.
Depending on how it goes for you, you might love each track, or you may find yourself somehow within the mind of MC Shan thinking "Jane - Stop This Crazy Thing".
Either way is good with me.
Like I said, this is not EPMD's finest by any means, but I think the shits is dope.
Anyway, nuff waffling, here it is.

Strictly Business Presents -
Strictly Jane

EPMD - Jane (1988)
EPMD - Jane II (1989)
EPMD - Jane 3 - (1990)
EPMD - Who Killed Jane (1992)
EPMD - Jane 5 (1997)
EPMD - Jane 6 (1999)
EPMD - Jane (2008)

Password - defandstupid

And while you're here -
London heads - put November the 28th in you diaries right now.
Strictly Business have another huge night of classic hip hop entertainment for you.
Details to follow soon........................

"Looked Her Up & Down, Said Hmmmmm, I'll Take Her"

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