Friday, 15 May 2009

Alan "The Hawk" Hawkshaw

Alan Hawkshaw is a legend, simple as that.
He played in The Shadows & The Checkmates, amongst others, rocking the fuck out on the Hammond.

But for me The Hawk's highlights have gotta be The Mohawks & his TV theme & music library work.
As far as themes go, daaaamn. Dave Allen, Grange Hill, Countdown. Holy Axel Foley.
But the real gems are to be found amongst the library LPs, working for labels such as Bruton, Themes & the legendary KPM.
And The Champ, don't even bother. The Mohawks were a band formed from session musicians and fronted by the undisputed king of Library music composers, Alan Hawkshaw. Possibly The Mohawks were never actually a 'touring' band, but rather it was just a clever idea of some guy at KPM music in the 60's who decided to release an LP of incredibly groovy and funky library music tracks and package it under the name "The Champ". Possibly one of the biggest tunes ever recorded & still killing dancefloors today.

Massive respect from the Strictly Business crew to the phenom that is Mr Alan "The Hawk" Hawkshaw, blimey, we got Co-Op boom baps up in this.

Ric Flair & Strictly Business Presents
Alan "The Hawk" Hawkshaw

Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
Blarney's Stoned
Dave Allen At Large
Dr Jeckyll & Hyde Park
Expo In Tokyo (with A. Moorhouse)
Girl At The Top
Grange Hill Theme
Hawkind And Fire
Hot Pants
It's All At The Co-Op Now
Mile High Swinger
Name Of The Game (with B. Bennett)
Oddball (with B. Bennett)
Roving Reporter
Senor Thump
Sweet Motion
The Tense Scene (with K. Mansfield)
The Champ
Mony Mony

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