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Early B - The Doctor

It Was The Year 1966, When Selassie-I Made A Visit...........

Earlando Arrington Neil, better known by his stage name Early B, was a dancehall reggae deejay, noted mainly for his hits Visit of King Selassie, History of Jamaica and Wheely Wheely, the latter an ode to bicycle-riding in Jamaica.

Neil began performing live on Soul Imperial Hi-Fi alongside his young apprentice, Wild Apache (aka Super Cat). Earlando supposedly earned his stage name as a result of his reputation for arriving to shows early, thus gaining the name Early Bird, then finally Early B. Early B was soon approached, while on vacation with Stuart Brown (owner of African Star Sound), by a larger sound system, King Majesty. King Majesty was the only set to play all over the parish of St. Thomas. In the evenings he dragged the young Supercat out of his yard in Kingston to the countryside where they performed on King Majesty for almost a year. The owner of King Majesty was a manager in the sugar cane industry and unfortunately was unable to run the sound system during harvest time. Frustration boiled over for "Cat" and Early B who both had ambitions to make it "big time". Their first chance came with Killamanjaro.

Killamanjaro began as a humble sound system in the cool hills above Kingston with a resident mike-man known by the stagename of "Oh Lord". In 1980-81, the principal reason for the rise of Killamanjaro was because Early B and Supercat had become its crowd-pulling regulars. Soon every hopeful deejay wanted to "hold the mike" on the Killamanjaro sound alongside Early B, who had by now acquired a new nickname - The Doctor. He had endless queues of patients as "Jaro" came of age and established itself as one of the top sets, ranking amongst the legends of the sound world such as Gemini, Black Scorpio, Lee's Unlimited, Volcano and the mighty King Sturgav. Indeed, such was the demand that Killamanjaro set a record, that still holds today, by performing on fifty-two consecutive nights in Kingston.

Over the next two years, Early B was in constant demand as a recording artist scoring hits such as Gaterman Get Fraid, Wheel Wheely (also called One Wheely Wheely), Sunday Dish, and Learn Fe Drive. His next step towards the top was a move to the United States where he continued to be a dancehall favorite. Early B's deejay career brought him to other sound systems as well, including the African Star sound system in Toronto, Canada and Crystal Blue Flames Sound in New York City, New York.

Early performed throughout the US & England, as well as Jamaica, until 1994, when he was tragically killed while onstage by a firearm inside the Windsor Cricket Club in Massachusetts. His style & lyrics can still be heard throughout Jamaican music & beyond.

This was originally gonna be 20 tracks, but Early B recorded a ridiculous amount of gems, so this is coming at you in 2 parts.

Early B - Gone,But Not Forgotten.

Ric Flair & Strictly Business Presents

Early B - The Doctor

Part 1

Bicycle Bicycle
Circle Jamaica
Conscious Dread (Righteous Rastaman Pt. 2)
DJ Pattern
Four Wheel No Reel
Ganja Man
Gateman Get Fraid
Get Inna The Army
Ghost Busters
Girls Dem Sexy
History Of Jamaica
Hot Up Bout Ya
If You Coward You Fe Leave Out Badness
Learn Fe Drive
Medical Kit
No Funny Trick
Owner Man
Pedal Pusher
Righteous Rastaman (Pt. 1)
Sleep & Drive
Sunday Dish
The Visit
Video Early B
What A Gwan
Wheely Wheely

Part 2

A Class Deejay
Call The Doctor For Me
Cane Man
Computer Tek Over
DJ Class
DJ Origination
Healing Stream
Just Love And Unity
Know Bout Your Country
Mek The Girls So Fat
New York Party
One More Heinekin
Ready Fe You
Send In The Patient
Stop The Robbery
Sweet Talking
The Boss
The Doctor Ready Fe Them
To The Bump
What A Blessing
What A Drive
Wrap Up A Draw

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