Thursday, 23 February 2012

Delightful Stuff

Ric Flair here, once again with a slice of niceness.
Two slices actually,
It's the grand daddy of Strictly Business,
The man known as Sonny Delight.
Here we have two sets from the night of 28\5\2011 for your listening pleasure.
Live from Havana in Norwich,
Some hip hop, then some funk & soul.
Sonny rocks the turntables lovely as ever,
Dope tracks & smooth manoeuvres, especially considering that he was probably well pissed.
Push the button & hear the nicest man in showbusiness get busy on the ones & twos.

"Plays guitar without any hands"


  1. Not usually,
    However, when Sonny Delight hits the wheels of steel people are bumming left, right & centre.

  2. I'm severely disappointed by the lack of reach around scratch techniques.

    1. There maybe some happening in that second (horrible) picture yo !


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