Monday, 27 February 2012

Operating Tables

Turntable time,
It's Flair again with a blast from the past,
This is from before the crew was called Strictly Business,
The name would change on a regular basis, in fact Sonny D would usually just make a name up for the gigs we played.
We used some shit names, believe that.
Me & Chestwigz were rhyming through a pair of headphones for the first five years we were recording tracks for fucks sake !
Crooklynn keeps it low budget.

Now, sometime back at the end of the last millennium my boy Leon Peon (a.k.a. Kiss Chase\Piss Face) from Vanilla Pod leant me his Tascam four track cassette recorder (which was pretty fucked), I ended up using it for mixtapes over the next 5 years, mainly because I wanted to do my mixes the way DJ Riz did his,
Multi-tracking meant that you could always keep your mixes interesting, you could layer stuff, and cut over the top.
This is the way I do my mixes to this day, however the four track was retired a few years ago, as were the headphones\mic device that we affectionately called the turnip.

Most of my old mixes are lost in time, but I have rescued my first ever attempt at a multi track mix.
I think the first part was recorded in 1999 & the second part in 2000.
The sound levels are horrible, a lot of the mixing is suspect & the scratching is pretty ropey too.
But the tracks are dope, many a classic is dropped.
Gems from Master Ace, Stetsasonic, Main Source, Jungle Brothers, Spoonie G, Ice T, Steady B, Skinny Boys, Kool G Rap, Diamond D, plus plenty more classic joints.

Grab both parts here.

New niceness coming soon, plus more stuff from the Strictly Business vaults.

Part One

Part Two

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