Saturday, 14 April 2012

Strictly Rock - Part I

Yes party people, Strictly Business are back once again with the first installment of another one of our lovely compilations.

We present to you Strictly Rock.

This is the first chapter of what will be an ongoing series, the next two chapters are coming very soon, but for now here's the first volume.
There is a lot of joints here, so it comes in three parts.

Way to many tracks here for me to comment on 'em all, but Strictly Business suggest that you look out for -

Firstly, it wouldn't be right to not include Bam's timeless 'Planet Rock',
The superb Asher D & Daddy Freddy make yet another appearance on a Strictly Biz comp with 'Posse, Rock & Move'
Obviously the mighty Captain Rock had to be here, so he is, with the heavy 'House Of Rock'. Captain Rock for president !
Davy DMX's classic 'The DMX Will Rock' is here & rightfully so. Your boy Flair loves this shit.
'The Mighty Hard Rocker' by DJ Cash Money & Marvelous is a classic party rocker, so y'all need that.
The Funky 4 + 1 give us the classic Rapping & Rocking The House, with the amazing Sha-Rock & the amazingly named Keith Keith.
Ice (MuthaFuckin') T drops the amazing 'Body Rock'. (The first of three tracks here titled 'Body Rock'
LL soundalike (more of that to come soon) Jewel T comes off hard on 'Rock The Crossfade'
Another Strictly Biz fave, the Krown Rulers are in the hizouse with the double def 'Let The Party Rock'
The aforementioned LL Cool J says "rock" a lot, so I ended up going for the fat 'You'll Rock'
Louis Logic & crew give us a nice new school posse cut with the remix of the simply titled 'Rock'
Another soundalike (like i said, more on that later) MC Don & EZ Ed go all Eric B & Rakim on the smooth 'Party Rockers'
Representing the UK we have the dope Overlord X with 'Visa To Rock'
Ray Rock & K.C. with 'Rayrock Kick It' needs to be listened to, "MCs that bite by me get dissed".
The legendary Schoolly D tells us 'I Don't Like Rock & Roll', then strangely went off & done that wack stuff with a band. Poor old confused Schoolly School.
Without doubt, the crew called Strickly Business (not us) need a mention here, probably because they say the immortal words "Strictly Business" a few times.
One of the best named crews ever, The Mighty B-Force feat Hand Master Flash (yes ! Hand!!) are here with 'We Got You Rockin' It'
Thirstin Howl III kind of follows on from Davy DMX (i said kind of) with a dope Galt MacDermot loop on 'Brooklyn Hard Rock'
Body Rock (again) by the Treacherous Three had to be here, but then you really should have it (& know all the words). If not, what on earth are you playing at ?
And finally Xanadu & Sweet Lady over a reggae version of 'Good Times' on 'Rocker's Choice'.

Plus you know that all the other tracks are winners, this is a Strictly Business selection for Herc's sake.
More to come soon from the Strictly Rock series, but for now rock away to this dope collection.

Strictly Business present Strictly Rock

Part I

3 Times Fresh - We Can Rock You Harder
5 Elementz - Rockshows
Afrika Bambaata & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
Asher D & Daddy Freddy - Posse, Rock & Move
Beastie Boys - Rock Hard
Captain Rock - House Of Rock
Chapter Three - Real Rocking Groove
Count Coolout - Touch The Rock (Rhythm Rap Rock Revival)
Crash Crew - We Want To Rock
Cutmaster DC - Brooklyn Rocks The Best
Davy DMX - The Dmx Will Rock
De La Soul feat. MF Doom - Rock Co. Kane Flow
Diamond Shell - Rock On
Disco Four - Country Rock & Rap
DJ Cash Money & Marvelous - The Mighty Hard Rocker
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Just Rockin'
Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
Fearless Four - Rockin' It
Freestyle Express - Don't Stop The Rock
Fresh Force Crew - Rock Me
Funky 4 + 1 - Rapping & Rocking The House
Garretts Crew - Nasty Rock
Grandmaster Chilly T & Stevie G - Rock The Message Rap

Part II

Great Peso & Mr Nasty - It's Time To Rock
Harlem World Crew - Let's Rock
Ice T - Body Rock
Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock
Jazzy 4 MCs - MC Rock
Jedi Mind Tricks - Time To Rock
Jewel T - Rock The Crossfade
Kool Kyle - It's Rockin' Time
Krown Rulers - Let The Party Rock
L.A. Dream Team - Rockberry Jam
Land Of Hits Orchestra - Gangster Rock
LL Cool J - You'll Rock
Louis Logic - Rock (Remix Ft. Celph Titled, Big Oak, Nick Fury, Ryu & J-Zone)
LXD - Gonna Rock
MC ADE - Bass Rock Express
MC Don & EZ Ed - Party Rockers
MC Flex & The F.B.I Crew - Rockin' It
MC Lyte - Lyte As A Rock
MF Grimm feat Duece Gangsta - Who Rock
Mobb Deep feat Busta Rhymes - Rock With Us

Part III

Mos Def, Q-Tip & Tash - Body Rock
Ninja Crew - Baby T. Rock
No I.D. - We Rock Like So
Overlord X - Visa To Rock
Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock This Funky Joint
Ray Rock & K.C. - Rayrock Kick It
Redman - Rockafella (Remix)
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk - Mirda Rock
Run DMC - King Of Rock
Schoolly D - I Don't Like Rock & Roll
Spyder C - Hollis Rock
Steady B - Gangster Rockin'
Strickly Business - Non-Stop Rockin'
Sugar Kay & The Mighty Three - Rock On
The '06 Style - Schoolhouse Rock
The B-Boys - Rock The House
The Beat Box Boys - Be Bop Rock
The Megatrons - Rock The Planet
The Mighty B-Force feat Hand Master Flash - We Got You Rockin' It
Thirstin Howl III - Brooklynn Hard Rock
Treacherous Three - Body Rock
Trickeration - Rap, Bounce, Rockskate
U Know Who - We Rock the House
U.T.F.O. - Wanna Rock
Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock
Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rockers Choice

Password - defandstupid

"Rock The Body Body"


  1. tracklist looks ill! tried to download but get this message instead "The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.
    Reason: DNS lookup failure for:"
    which is all very well, but not especially entertaining.

  2. Bah, I hate when the interweb goes wack.
    Mediafire sometimes gets funny.
    Give 'em another click Leo.
    All three are working this end.

  3. Nope, same message. The hinderweb wins again.


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