Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Strictly Rock - Part II

a.k.a. Strictly Rockers

Shockout all nice & decent people.

Once again, your sound selector for this evening is the boy Flair with another super duper Strictly Rock.

This is part II & we all about the rockers.

A fine selection of tracks from a fine selection of artists.
Once again, this is large so it comes in two parts.

As usual, the Strictly Biz seal of approval means that this whole ish is lovely, but tracks to look for include -

The legendary Big Youth has plenty of tracks with 'Rock' in the title, but I went for the smooth 'Tippertong Rock'.
General Trees gives us a total headnodder with 'Walking Rocking'
Jacob Miller is lovely as he always was with 'Keep On Knocking', then at 2:50 the wicked U Brown comes in.

Jah Walton deserves a mention, firstly because his track here is simply titled 'Rock', secondly because it is dope. "Mi love mi cheese & biscuit"
'Live Rocket' by John Wayne is superb, as is everything else he recorded, a banger on a version of the Real Rock riddim.
Johnny Osbourne delivers a classic with 'Rock & Come On Ya', but things really kick off at four minutes in when the amazing Papa Tullo (a.k.a. Tullo T) joins us. Special stuff.

'Rock Steady Party' by Leroy Sibbles is another lovely joint, then deejay legend Nicodemus comes in with his Bonanza rhymes.
Lone Ranger's 'Sat Upon The Rock' is straight up dope, on the Cherry Oh Baby riddim, Ranger is without doubt one of the greatest of all time. Buy as much of his stuff you can find, trust me.
'Jubie Rock' is a another quality Michael Palmer track, lovely singer.

Pampidoo is as crazed as ever on the bouncy 'DJ With The Rock Stone Voice', he must get through a lot of strepsils !
A favourite of our own DJ Friendly, Ranking Dread gives us the fat 'Natty On The Rock', "A Too Dready".
Ranking Trevor makes two appearances here, firstly under the name Ranking Superstar with 'Lovers Rock', then with the classic 'Savalamar Rock'.

Another Deejay with legendary status, the incredible Ranking Toyan rocks it on 'Rock It Up'.
Shabba Ranks shouts out his musical friends on the massive digi banger 'Get Up Stand Up & Rock' on the Bye Bye Love riddim.
'Pegion Rock' by Sister Nancy is very nice indeed, unlike the spelling. Shout out to my girl Li-Li on this one.

The greatly missed Sugar Minott is here with the gigantic 'Dread A Me Idrin'.
Trinity follows on from Xanadu & Sweet Lady (on the first volume of Strictly rock) with the delightful 'Rockers Delight'.
Finally the fantastic Yellowman drops the gigantic 'Natty Sat Upon The Rock' over the same riddim as his classic 'Nobody Move'.

Part I

Barrington Levy - Rock and Come In
Big Youth - Tippertong Rock
Charlie Chaplin - Diet Rock
Cocoa Tea - Rocking Dolly
Dennis Alcapone - Investigator Rock
Dillinger - Slipe Pen Road Rock
Ernest Ranglin - Studio One Rockers
General Trees - Walking Rocking
Gregory Isaacs - Rock On
Horace Andy & Errol Scorcher - Come Rock Me Pretty
Israel Vibration - Jah Jah Rock
Jacob Miller & U Brown - Keep On Knocking
Jah Iny - El Rockers Chapter One
Jah Walton - Rock
John Wayne - Live Rocket
Johnny Osbourne & Papa Tullo - Rock & Come On Ya
Josey Wales - Keep Rocking
Lee Van Cliff - Rock It To Me Twice
Leroy Sibbles & Nicodemus - Rock Steady Party
Little Clarkie - Bubble-n-Rock
Little John - Rock & Roll
Lone Ranger - Sat Upon The Rock
Madoo & Ranking Toyan - Rocking Of The Five Thousand\Come Along
Michael Palmer - Jubie Rock
Nicodemus - Father Jungle Rock

Part II

Osbert Madoo - Rock With Papa Madoo
Pampidoo - The DJ With The Rock Stone Voice
Phillip Frazer & Bunny General - My Sound Rocking Tonight
Prince Francis - Rocking Down Old York Way
Prince Mohammed - Harbour View Rock
Ranking Dread - Natty On The Rock (Death Trap)
Ranking Joe - Rock It On
Ranking Superstar - Lovers Rock
Ranking Toyan - Rock It Up
Ranking Trevor - Savalamar Rock
Reggae Regular - Ghetto Rock
Scotty - Jam Rock Style
Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up & Rock
Sister Carol - Lovers Rock Style
Sister Nancy - Pegion Rock
Sizzla - Solid As A Rock
Spanner Banner & Simpleton - Rock On
Sugar Minott - Dread A Me Idrin
Tapper Zukie - First Street Rock
Tony Tuff & Yabby You - Lovers Rocking & Skanking
Trinity - Rockers Delight
U Brown - Me Chat You Rock
U Roy - Trench Town Rock
Wailing Souls - Firehouse Rock
Wayne Smith - Rock Every Bone
Yellowman - Natty Sat Upon The Rock

Password - defandstupid

Part III of Strictly Rock coming soon, keep it locked right here.

"Take Your Hand Out Of Your Pocket & Rock It"

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