Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Keep It Strict !

Maximum respect to each & everyone who turned up to the Strictly Business launch extravaganza at the Silver Bullet.
The event went down a treat, the crowd were well up for it & everybody did their stuff lovely.
We had a few technical difficulties, so shout out to the sound guy who turned up.
Big ups to the Silver Bullet staff, all the vinyl traders & all the artists who made it down, especially the writers who put up with the ropey weather.

Props to Sonny D & the rest of the crew that put up the watertight erection, EveR (who picked me up then fell asleep), Chestwigz who I missed by 5 minutes (sorry blud), Jim Crawley for saving the day with his chunky instrumentals, Loxli who made a surprise visit on the way to somewhere that I've forgotten, & in particular - Hayley for putting in mad work.

Keep watching for more details on upcoming Strictly Business events - Word !

Next up - Strictly Gems part II.

"Hummin' - Comin' At Cha..."

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