Saturday, 9 June 2012

Strictly Gems pt II

Here we go with part II of Strictly Gems, this time around we have another selection of quality joints from hip hop's glory years, again we have some well known stuff along with some not so well known stuff, but it's all killer material, believe that.

Some of our all time favourite shits are up in here, so beware
if you're scared of the boom bap.

Tracks include.......

The legendary Paul C utilises the 'Assembly Line' break combined with crazy samples on the hard hitting 'Years To Build' by 360°, everything about this track is the shit, this is a classic example of anti coffee table boom baps (word to Skar !) Without doubt a gem.
By track 5 you've already heard mad James Brown samples, and our boy Chubb Rock doesn't let us down, 'Bump The Floor' is a funky uptempo number, some would say borderline hip house, I say it smashes dancefloors & is dope.
Another prime example of a gem track is 'Holy War' by Divine Force, you should know this already, but if for some crazy reason you haven't, then you're in for a treat. Classic stuff combining 'The Funky Penguin' & 'Synthetic Substitution' breaks whilst Sir Ibu kicks some deadly rhymes, "My energy is flowing and it’s causing sparks & friction, I am called the scientist and you are science fiction". Love that shit.

'Fresh Commandments' by Fresh Gordon is an absolutely essential joint, the man Fresh tells us what to do to be a proper b-boy. Any track with a line like "Though shalt not wear fake cazels - fake fila suits, or you'll be sent to hell" is on some serious shit, listen & learn suckers.
JVC Force's 'Stop & Listen' is so dope I can't put it into words, it's already made an appearance here at Strictly Business, as has the amazing track the breaks are from - 'Foreigner Suite' by Cat Stevens. JVC were a phenomenal crew with many a classic track, but this is your boy Flair's favourite shit - Word !
Next up, the incredible Kings of Pressure with 'You Know How To Reach Us', this has already been featured on Strictly Beatbox but fuck it, you can't hear this track too many times, it really is the tits, Heavy beats, super heavy rhymes & Johnny Juice rocking the tables. This is the shit people, the original KOP crew split up early on, so this is a taste of what could have been. And you know I fucking love that "Yes, my name is MC Cracker......" bit. Completely superdope.

MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D make an appearance here with the fat 'Knock Em Out Sugar Ray', lovely rhymes and a sweet drumbreak from the 'Kelly's Heroes' Soundtrack !
OK - This next shit is ridiculous, it's 'Massacre' by Rockwell Noel & Poet, now MC Poet is still dropping rhymes in 2012, you know him as Blaq Poet. But back in the day he was taking rappers out left, right & centre, he started with BDP and kept going & going. This joint is as hard as they come and if you don't love it already you bloody well will.
With another contender for the "Best 10 Seconds Of Hip Hop Ever" we have Sir Fresh & DJ Critical with the ill 'Sir-Vere', The first 10 seconds are sick but it just keeps getting better, Sir Fresh just rocks it on the mic, sir-verely def.

From the 'Songs With Stupid Keyboard Bits' genre we have TC Islam with the drum machine heavy 'Sucker MC', TC tells us "This record here is rated fresh" and I for one am not gonna argue with him.
Then, from the 'Songs With Even Stupider Keyboard Bits' genre we have the long serving Almighty RSO Crew with the bumping 'The Greatest Show On Earth', It's rather silly, but the shit is dope, Doo doo doodoo-doodoo doo doo dooo dooo e.t.c.
And finally it's 'R.A.P' by Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs, plenty more James samples with quality rhymes.

By the way, if I haven't mentioned a track it doesn't mean it's not dope, they're all dope son, I just can't be arsed to write any more.

Strictly Business presents - 
Strictly Gems part II

360° - Years To Build
Bizzie Boyz - Say When
Black Rock & Ron - Getting Large
Castle D - Yo Cas Play It
Chubb Rock - Bump The Floor
De La Soul - Plug Tunin'
Divine Force - Holy War
DJ M.A.T.E. & The Latin MCs - Lets Jam
Doctor J.R. Kool - That's Deep
Fresh Gordon - Fresh Commandments
Heartbeat Brothers - Bring In The Bassline
JVC Force - Stop & Listen
Kaptain Jam & The Mighty Finesse  -  I Can't Stand You
Kings Of Pressure - You Know How To Reach Us
Magnetic Force - Unorthodoxism
MC Player - The Kid's A Wizard
MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D - Knock Em Out Sugar Ray
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Kill That Base
Nice & Smooth - Early To Rise
Rockwell Noel & Poet - Massacre
Sir Fresh & DJ Critical - Sir-Vere
Steady B - Certified Dope
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Gets No Deeper
TC Islam - Sucker MC
The Almighty R.S.O. Crew - The Greatest Show On Earth
The UBC - Take It To The Top (Needle Drop)
Unique & Dashan - Versatility
UTFO - Mo' Bass
Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs - R.A.P

Password - defandstupid

More gems on the way soon from Strictly Business.

"I'm Down With Anybody That Does Breath Air"

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  1. Just flippin through the tracks and I just had to listen IN FULL to Magnetic Force - Unorthodoxism.
    Now, I've never heard of them or the song before but the sheer audacity to make something like this in 1989 is banoodles!
    Really, really love it. Wonder if the album, 12/52/365, was equally as creative/bizarre?

    Another top drawer selection, lads. You done outdid yerselves this time.
    And putting Rockwell Noel & Poet - Massacre on there is just Orgasm Central. Apart from Hardnoise ' Untitled' this song is prob. the best use of Apache. Monster, monster!


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