Friday, 2 November 2012

East Coast Rocks

Right now the Strictly Business crew have their dirty fingers in plenty o' pie.
Alongside all the other cool things going on, we have some dope new radio shows for your listening pleasure.
First off it's my man Vinnie Vagabond with the grandly titled 'Hip Hop Show' on Regal Radio.
You can catch him every Wednesday from 9-10pm.
Right here we have the wicked first show from 24/10/12.
The first half of the show is a splendid selection of classic UK tracks, the second half is rammed with quality local unsigned hip hop (including yours truly).

You can listen to the first half here -

And the second half here -

Or you can download both parts here.

If you have any requests, or are an unsigned UK hip hop artist & would like to request your stuff being played you can contact Vinnie at

Here's the playlist -

Part I
Hijack - Doomsday Of Rap .
Mad Doctor X - Deejays & Emcees (Remix).
Katch 22 - Lifestyles Of The Poor & Ruffneck.
London Posse - My Beatbox Reggae Style.
Shut Up and Dance- This Town Needs a Sheriff .
Asher D and Daddy Freddy- Raggamuffin Hip Hop.

Part II
Chrome and Ill Iinspired - UK Outro.
Soldjasouls - Big Kahunas.
The Phukkin' Kuntz - Fly Like a Parrot.
TSK & Oscar - Samuel L Jackson.
Laplucas - Fist For My Freedom.
Falcon Burnz & Melph - That's Entertainment.
Def Tex - Rock The Beat.
Vinnie Vagabond - The Hip Hop Show Jingle.
MonoXcyde - I'm MonoXcyde.

The first track on part II is particularly dope, crazy stuff from Norwich's finest. A kind of UK 'Jackin' For Beats'. Ferocious stuff.
That's it for now, more niceness soon right here.

"To All That's Earning & Sensi Burning"

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